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Most Common Roofing Styles in Katy

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Katy is a quiet, family-oriented city just west of Houston, Texas with three counties including Harris, Fort Bend, and Waller County. Katy has exceptional school, a sense of security, and some of the best family friendly neighborhood that makes Katy a favorite place to call home for over 20,000 residents. At EDR Roofing we pride ourselves on being a trusted Katy roofing company offering roof repairs and replacement roofs as well as installing some of the roofs in the newest neighborhood around the area such as Cross Creek Ranch, Cinco Ranch, and Elyson. As the number one roofing company in Katy TX, lets take a look at some of the choices of roofing styles homeowners can choose from in our area.


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Metal Roof In A Variety Of Colors

If you want a roof that is long lasting and durable but will reflect the sun rays to keep your electric bill down especially during out hotter than hades summer months, then a metal roof with its foam installation makes a great choice. It can also mimic the look of a clay tile roof or a slate tile roof without the heavy price tag that comes with this material. While a metal roof is not as affordable as asphalt to install when you think of the savings that comes from metal and the fact you will not have to consider re-roofing in fifteen years it makes a metal roof more of a worthwhile investment. Depending n the type of metal roof you have installed on your Katy home you can expect it to last 40 to 70 years which is triple the lifespan of an asphalt shingle roof that is still the most requested roof in Katy.


<img src="asphalt roofs.png" alt="asphalt roofing in Katy TX">

The reason most residents choose an asphalt shingle roof is there the most affordable and versatile. You can you tis type of roof on almost any home you see in the greater Houston area regardless o the pitch or style of home because it comes in a variety of shapes and sizes. The downside to having an asphalt roof is you will need to replace it sooner than you would a metal roof. If you are planning on staying in your Katy home for the long haul, then you need to factor that into your choice.

Clay Tile Roof

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Nothing says luxury and style like a beautiful clay tile roof, one reason this is a great roofing material option in greater Houston is because of our hot temperature. Much like a metal roof it will keep you cooler during Katy humid summers. They also are constructed for durability and longevity and can last for a century. Not only can you choose clay tile roofs but there are other noteworthy tiles for your home such as ceramic and concrete.

Cedar Shank Roofs

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Another roof that offers homeowners great insulation is cedar and its also resistant to our heavy winds and rain. When they are installed correctly they last for 30 years but staying productive by having a protective coating added every 3 years will help your roof to last its entire lifespan. Many people love these roofs because they are as beautiful as they are strong.

Things to Consider When Choosing A Roofing Style

1. How long do you plan to stay in your home? If you considering selling anytime soon then asphalt maybe the best choice because it’s the most economical roof in the Houston market.

2. Roof Slope? If you want to narrow your choices down between asphalt, metal, or clay tile then look at the pitch of your roof and its ability to safely divert rainwater. If your new to Katy, you should know we have two season rainy season and dry season. On average we get about 48 inches a year so if you have a low roof slope and you choose asphalt shingles have your Houston roofing company install a product that makes your roof more leak resistant.

3. What does your neighborhood look like? If you live in old Katy then your home may have a more traditional style meaning the material is already pre-determined for you. If you’re in a more modern association then your better off with a metal roofing system.

4. Budget: When you think of your budget do not only factor the price of the installation but also your ability to maintain the roof and the roof repairs you will need in the future. Asphalt is cheaper but it s more prone to be damaged by weather, debris, and overall wear and tear.

5. Emergency Efficient- How important is emergency efficient for you. You know how hot and humid Houston is so if you want to lower your electricity usage and your choosing asphalt shingles then choose a lighter color and add extra installation.

6. Roof Inspections Detour Roof Repairs: The biggest roof repair in Katy is leaks. On a metal roof the reason for a leak is roofing screws. On asphalt the biggest issue is broken shingles, the only way to stay on top of roof repairs in Katy with any style of roof is with routine roof inspections. There free and should be done at least once a year.

Looking for a new roof or roof repairs in Katy?

EDR Roofing is the leading residential roofing company in Katy because our crews are insured and certified master shingle specialist. We have been replacing and repairing roofs for Katy homeowners for over fourteen years. We can even help to manage insurance claims and ensure you get the best price within days not months. Our estimates are free, and we are open 24-7 so if you need emergency roof repairs in Houston, we are always available to help secure your household. Contact us here to schedule your free roof inspection in Katy, Houston, or Richmond TX. Make sure to read last weeks blog of questions to ask when a Houston roofing company comes out for an inspection.

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