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Clay Tile Roof  Installation in Hoston 

Call Elite Disaster Recovery (EDR) Roofing LLC, today for quality clay tile roof installation anywhere in Harris or Fort Bend County.

A Reliable roofing system is an integral part of any home. When it comes to clay tile roof installation and repairs, you need a dependable professional who can arrive promptly- that’s what you can count on when you choose EDR Roofing. We have over fourteen years in the roofing industry and offer a large variety of colors, designs, and textures for your clay tile roof including but not limited to:


  • Spanish Style

  • Mission Style

  • Interlocking Style

  • French Style 



When it comes to Houston homeowners who choose clay tile roof the most popular color choice is terra cotta red Spanish style, but you can also choose gray, blue, green, or light brown colors. Whatever style and color you choose EDR Roofing is there to guide you along the process to make sure you get only the best clay style roof installation in the Houston area.

Other Roofing Options

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Benefits of Clay Tile Roofs


With all the versatility that a clay tile roof can provide it’s no wonder so many Houston homeowners choose this roofing material. Regardless of if you choose a mission, French or Spanish style roof you can expect these clay tile roofs to have a length time period. Some of the best clay roofs can last a century because they do not rot and their insect and fire proof.  These roofs can also tolerate weather including Houston extreme heat because air freely circulates below the tiles. Due to the tiles free airflow clay tiles do not expand ad contrast the way other roofing material do such as asphalt shingles. This enables the roof to provide you with better insulation while helping to maintain your indoor temperatures.


One of the most frequently askes questions from Houston homeowners seeking to have a new roof installed is “how long does clay tiles last?” – Centuries! If they are installed correctly and properly maintained. Another benefit is that most clay tile roof require only minimal maintenance to extend the life of your roof.

Maintaining a clay tile roof is simple, you want to make sure that you have a professional pressure washing company regular soft pressure wash your roof if you notice streaks or algae stains on the tiles. If you have any tiles that are fragmented repair them and make sure your roofer uses top of the line flashing to give the tiles additional protection while enhancing their natural beauty. Once a year or after a severe storm in Houston, you should have us come out to inspect your roof and make sure that if your roof has any damages that are properly and promptly repaired.

Clay Tile Roof Installation Houston TX


When you hire our roofing experts for your clay roof installation you can depend on us to provide you with the highest level of service anywhere in the Houston area. We have been serving homeowners for over a decade and are trained, certified, and licensed to install clay tile roofs as well as shingle master and slate specialist. We guarantee 100% customer satisfaction and will arrive on time and are always helpful as well as courteous.


Roof Slope One of the ways we help our customers is prior to clay tile roof installation we check the degree of your roof slope to make sure this is a worthwhile investment for your home. While some Houston roofing companies see dollar signs, we want to make sure your home can handle the added weight and water run off before we install a clay tile roof that gives you issues.


Structural Support:  Before clay roof tile installation if your home needs additional structural support we let you know upfront before you dig into your pocketbook spending thousand on structural engineering. Because of our expertise


Underlayment: The underlayment is a necessity for clay tile roofs, their job is to make sure water does not get into your home if the tile should break during a storm. While most Houston roofing companies do not provide you with choices, we have three underlayments for you to choose for your clay tile roof:


Felt: Budget Friendly

Non-Bitumen: Superior Strength

Rubberized Asphalt: Waterproof


If clay tile roofs are installed by a trained company such as ER Roofing, then your underlayment will last for around 20 years depending on the type of underlayment you choose. Our synthetic underlayment’s come with the best tear rating and can handle whatever weather our city goes through. In addition, when our roofers install your clay tile, we use the best fastenings so that the tiles interlock or overlap each other and are properly nailed in place with hot dipped galvanize nails and closed securely for a worry-free clay tile roof from day one

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If your current roof has been damaged in a severe storm or is starting to rack up repairs, it may be time to have your roof replaced. While our skilled team will do everything possible to repair your roof if your roof does need to be replaced a standing seam roof will provide your home with many benefits such as:

Extended lifecycle: With the

Clay Tile Roof Prices


When most people think of the price of a clay tile roof, they may gaps compared to the cost of an asphalt roof installation but for a roof that last centuries and you can install and forget in Houston you are liable to pay between $33,000 and $60,000 depending on the style, type, color and quality of the clay tile roof you choose. If you’re looking to have your clay tile roof repaired, then you can expect to pay $12 to $20.00 per square foot. Some Houston roofing contractors have a clay tile calculator that will provide you a quick upfront price, but we would rather meet with you n person to explain the various options available to you and help you choose the best clay tile roof installation for your Harris or Fort Bend County property. We will provide you with a no cost estimate for your roof that includes an exact cost for us to install your clay tile roof according to your standard and taste.

right roofing contractor such as EDR Roofing a standing seam metal roof should last a quarter of a century and under the best conditions could outlast your home.

Quick Installation: We understand if you need your roof replaced this can not be delayed with Houston extended rainy season. As long as the weather corporates we can have your new standing seam metal roof installed within a day or two.

Energy Efficient: Standing seam metal roofs are excellent for reflecting the suns rays that heat up your home. When you choose a metal roof you will not have to continuously run your AC saving on you money on your electric bill if they are applied over a high R value foam insulation. In addition to being a heat conduction roof they are also fire resilient keeping your family safer.

Getting a standard seam roof may seem expensive at first, but it has long-term cost benefits. We’re happy to help you decide if roof repair or a roof replacement is a better fit for your home. Plus, our hassle-free financing options make paying for a new roof convenient and cost-effective.

Houston Clay Tile Roof Prices

Houston Top Metal Roofing Contractor

At Elite Disaster Recovery Roofing (EDR) we provide standing seam metal roof installation and roof replacements throughout Houston Texas since 2007. Our experience equips us to complete all roofing projects cost-effectively and efficiently. 

Before recommending a roofing system for your home, our skilled team will assess your existing roof so we can recommend a metal roof suitable for your home. Our team only works with the industry’s top brands and every standing seam metal roof we install comes with a long-term warranty.

Get in touch with our team today to learn more about our standing seam metal roof replacement services or to schedule a free roof consultation.

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Why Choose Us?

Houston and Fort Bend County residents have counted on our experienced team for consistent and quality roofing services for over fourteen years. At JEDR Roofing, our fully licensed and insured team can complete your standing seam metal roof repairs or roof installation project with minimal disruption to your home and family.

Using the latest technology, we can cutdown the noise of a stand seam metal roof and even have types of metal roofs that are warrantied not to dent during a hail or tropical storm saving you from storm damage roof repairs. Our team also guarantee accurate installation of your standard seam metal roof installation with zero complication and stands behind our work with a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. When you call us for your roof replacement you can expect:

  • Quick turnaround times

  • Competent and polite roofing contractors

  • Upfront, fair pricing

  • Insurance Claim Assistance

  • No mess left behind.

  • Industry-leading brands

Are you ready for a new Roof that outperforms your old one by leaps and bounds? Call EDR Roofing for a Standard Seam Metal Roof, today at 832-791-906 to schedule a free roof inspection in Houston, TX.

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