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Storm Damage Roof Repairs Austin & Houston, 

Residential Services

San Antonio, and Galveston TX.

Has a severe storm left you wondering if you need storm damage roof repairs or a roof replacement? Our experts can help with a free roof inspection- Call Us today!

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One of the biggest culprits of roof repairs is storm damages, when a wind, hail, or tropical storm rip through town, our experts arrive within an hour to help restore the safety and security of your home. We understand waiting when you have water seeping into your home is not an option so until storm damage roof repairs can be done we will tarp off the impacted area of your roof safely so that no water can enter inside and will return as soon as the storm passes to get you taken care of. No homeowner should have to face the stress of damaged tiles or shingles and hefty out-of-pocket expenses so if your roof damages are due to a recent storm-related problem not only can we fix the roof but we can help you file an insurance claim.  

24- 7 Emergency Storm Damage Roof Repairs in Austin

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Galveston, San Antonio, or Houston?

No job is too small or complex for EDR Roofing Contractors, regardless of why your roof needs repairs we are there for you regardless of what time it is consider us your ally to pull you through the harshest of storms.  

Claim Assistance

Tile Roof Repairs

If you have a slate or clay tile roof eventually your roof will need repairs and when it does you want to make sure you have the right team for the job. If you need storm damage roof repairs in Austin, Galveston, San Antonio, and our hometown of Houston we have the right men for the job. Some of the common tile repairs we do are:

        Replace Broken Tiles: Tiles can be broken due to hail storms and Texas excessive heat, when they are broken, they need to be repaired effectively to prevent roof leaks and water damages.


        Slipped Tile: During a wind storm tiles that are not securely in place or tiles that are held on by adhesive becomes brittle the tiles may shift.


          Loose Tiles: When tiles are not installed correctly the tiles can become loose or go missing which causes a domino effect. Another reason for lost r loose tiles is due to age, while tile roofs do have a longer life span than shingles no roof is completely immune to our harsh and unpredictable weather.


         Botanical growth: Those black streaks or green mold spores aren’t just hideous they can be damaging if left unattended. Mold, lichens, and algae can make the underlayment beneath the tiles decay. When this happens, the tiles may slide leaving your roof exposed to outdoor weathering such as torrential rainstorms.  

Shingle Roof Repairs

Not all shingles are created equally, if you don’t have high impact shingles here are some of the common storm damage roof repairs you may encounter in our region.

Hurricanes: In Galveston County, hurricane-force winds can cause mass destruction from ripping shingles off the roof to damaging the underlayment and decking. In other areas such as Austin and San Antonio where the wind gust may not reach as high, it can make your shingles flap or curl and may even break the seal.  

Hail: In our area hailstones can be problematic from knocking a dent or hole in the shingle to knocking the granules loose that protect the shingles. While hail dents may make a car look the bad image what it can do your curb appeal that can’t hide in a garage.

Torrential Rains: The purpose of your gutters is to divert water but if they are clogged after a rainstorm the water may get under your shingles and soak the underlayment or decking.

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Storm Damages To Shingle Roofs 

Asphalt Shingle Roof Choices

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EDR Roofing

Your storm damage roof repair experts

EDR Roofing strives to offer our customers all the solutions they need when it comes to storm damage roof repairs in Austin, Houston, Galveston, and San Antonio. We never cut corners and provide metal roof repairs and flat roof repairs as well. When you work with our team, you can sleep soundly the next time storms are forecasted knowing you are covered. Our team is fully licensed and insured and we are on stand by 24-7 so put our # into your cell phone and if the lights go out and your roof is impacted that’s one less hassle you have to worry about!


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