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Roof Storm Damage Insurance Claim


EDR Roofing is Houston elite roof replacement company now expanding to serve Galveston, Austin, Bryan and San Antonio TX. 

Roofing Services

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When a roof is damaged having to file a claim is just one more added stress that no homeowner should have to deal with alone, this is why we provide insurance claim assistance to our customers in Houston, Galveston, Austin, and the San Antonio area. Having Managed many insurance claims over the past decade we have a full understanding of the process to support our customers and make the process as hassle-free as possible.

At Elite Disaster Recovery our process begins with a free evaluation of your roof, when you call us, we will have a roofing specialist come to your home to meet with you and evaluate your Harris County property for damages. Once we have collected the evidence necessary to support filing a claim we will submit the estimate, photographs of the damages, and detailed measurements to your provider for their approval.


24/7 Emergency 

Storm Service

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 Your Storm Damaged Roof Claim is considered a

a natural disaster that not count against you or

cause rate increases

What a relief! 

Working With EDR Roofing Is As Easy As... 

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Roof Inspection 

 Our experienced roofing specialist will conduct an onsite drone inspection to check for hail, wind, and tropical storm damages or damages from an expired roof. If in fact, you do have storm damage roof repairs you will need to make the first call to your insurance company to have their adjuster come to your home to do a second roof inspection, when they are there we will make sure we are as well because while they represent the insurance company- EDR Roofing represent you. We will pinpoint to the adjuster where the damages have occurred so that nothing is left unaccounted for. Having us there as an ally will make sure the adjuster does his due diligence and often helps you get a quicker turnaround


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Submit A Claim

Once the adjuster has confirmed the roof damages, a claim must be submitted, unfortunately, many insurance companies want to underpay our job is to make sure they give you every penny you deserve so that you only pay the deductible. Most deductibles is around $1,000 if you need a roof replaced this means the remaining portion is paid by your insurance. Once the claim is approved, they will mail you the check and then you call us to schedule your roof repairs or to replace the roof but until we have successfully completed the job you do not pay. Any roofing company in Houston that wants money up front you should steer clear of.


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Repair or Replace Your Roof

Our Houston roofing contractors promptly arrive at your home to quickly repair or replace your storm-damaged roof with as minimal disruption to your family as possible. We know you are ready to resume life and that your roof needs to report to duty to defend your family and home. We offer a 100% labor and customer satisfaction guaranteed and a limited lifetime warranty on your shingles and tiles.  When we replace your roof we do a full replacement meaning we don’t just throw on shingle layovers and we use quality underlayment. Our roofers are experts and do not cut corners and best of all we give you the roof you want from design to color choices, the sky is the limit with our Houston roofing contractors.

We Won't Be Beat On Price Or Quality

Our Price Beat Guarantee


While many other roofing companies in Houston claim to be the best our stellar record proves we are, we have an A+ BBB rating and hundreds of happy customer referrals sprinkled over the internet. We never cut corners to save a dime and offer our customers FREE upgrades including:

CertainTeed Shingles: Heavier shingles mean more storm damage protection, and this is what you get from our manufactures plus they offer a 3 D high definition which makes your roof look far superior.


Quality Underlayment: Providing even more storm damage coverage for your home


No Shingle Overlays: We remove the old roof and start over fresh with a complete roof replacement.


Do Not Just Let Anyone Install Your Roof If You Want Insurance Protection!


And in going the extra mile for our customers, EDR Roofing will beat any price so you're guaranteed the best roof at the best price! 

Simply email us a current estimate from another roofing company in Austin, Galveston, San Antonio, or right here in greater Houston and we will provide you a better price with the same options!


Need Immediate Assistance? 

Contact our Severe Weather Team 24/7


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