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Commercial Roofing

Houston Multi-Family Roofing

Contact Elite Disaster Recovery to work with South Texas leading multi-family roofing contractor. 

Are you the property manager or owner of a multi-family facility such as an apartment community, town home or condominium community in need of a quality roofing company?  

At EDR Roofing we have the wherewithal to handle all your multi-family roofing needs from roof repairs to roof replacement and installation. While many Houston roofing companies focus exclusively on single -family homes we are still small enough to give you quality customer service you should expect while large enough to take on any roofing project for such multi -family homes like:


         Town Homes


         Assisted Living

         Nursing Homes

         Treatment Facilities

         Group Homes

We’re proud of our stellar reviews—check out what our past customer had to say about us!

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Immediate Multi-Family Roof Repairs in Houston

Our team understands that storms and other roof issues can creep up anytime of night or day and its important to assess and handle these roof repairs immediately whether it’s a small leak in the ceiling to a storm that has left your roof shingles broken or cracked. We are available to our customers 24 hours a day- 7 days a week to handle any potential multi-family roof repairs. When you call us, we will schedule a same day appointment to assess your roofing issues and provide a solution to repair them within a days’ notice. If your mullite-family roof cannot be repaired and needs to be replaced, we have a crew to your Houston or Fort Bend property in less than 48 hours.  



Sheri Hollaway

Very professional and friendly to work with. Timely, and not expensive. My roof had come to the end of its' useful life. I contacted them and they provided an estimate, followed up with a site visit and scheduled the repairs. All within a two week period. They came on the scheduled day, installed my new roof, cleaned up and eve trimmed a few trees that overhung the roof. I would definitely recommend them and call them again if I need additional work done.


Multi Family Roofing- Replacement of New Installation

Apartments, condos and townhomes communities need an experienced multi-family roofing contractor due to the complexity of roofs that maybe conjoined not to mention finding where the water is getting in can be tricky to navigate unless you have a contractor who is knowledgeable and skilled. Our team understands and rises to the challenge of multi-family roofing problems and will be there every step of the process to ensure your roof installed right to protect your residents. 

Elite Disaster Recovery (EDR) is Houston and Fort Bend County preferred choice for multifamily roofing replacement and installation since 2007. Our team has trained and certified multifamily roofing contractors who can install a variety of materials including Asphalt or High impact shingles, slate, metal, concrete or clay tiles, cedar shack. We also can provide a flat roof system for your communities.


A flat roof offers apartments with benefits including fewer damages and repairs because there is less material which drives down the cost. Flat roofs are far more energy efficient than flat roofs which can be a bonus for Houston where we experience high heat and humidity majority of the year. If you want to save even more money for your residents then you can easily install solar panels on a flat roof which can save you even more electricity. Want to give your residents even more reason to stay then consider turning your flat roof into a garden or hang out spot where residents can gather and get to know one another. Another benefit to a having our multifamily roofing contractors flat roof for your community is ts quicker to have them installed this means your residents are calling you less to report disturbances. In fact our team can have a flat roof up within a few days.  Whatever choice of roofing material you decide on you need, our multifamily roofing contractor have you covered. We offer a lifetime limited warranty on all our roofs and a 100% satisfaction guarantee

There is no roof repair or replacement job too small or complex for our team!

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Signs Your Community Need a Replacement Roof

We understand most property managers and owners want to delay having a new roof installed as long as they possibly can over time as the community ages to keep your residents happy with their home and renewing their contract you want to keep your Houston property looking in tip-top shape. Having a roof replaced will boost your property curb appeal and rewind the hands of time making your property look like new again. Some of the signs your property needs to have their roof replaced includes:

        Age of Roof: If your shingles or tiles are older than 20 years and starting to have repeated issues then you need to have your multi-family roof replaced. Having repairs piling up and a multi-family roofing contract out to your property every few months can be a vicious and expensive cycle, stop the madness and call EDR Roofing.

        Roof Failure: There are times when your roofing system may fail before its reached the end of its lifespan, this may happen because it was improperly installed using cheap materials or because of the weather. Often one of the signs can be hunks of granules removed on shingles across the roof or asphalt shingles are peeling or curling on the edges not only providing you with an eye sore but racking up your roof repair bill. Sometimes it less expensive to replace a roof then it is to repair it.

        Community Makeover: Is 2021 the year you want to improve your community, maybe a newer apartment was built nearby and your loosing money because tenants want what’s new and better. Consider a makeover that revamps your apartment and helps your retention rate. When you replace your roof the chances are you will end long standing issues without impacting the structure of your property. 

Choose the Leading Multi Family Roofing Contractor in Houston and Fort Bend County

For any multifamily roofing projects in Houston, look no further than EDR Roofing, LLC. Multi Family Communities in Houston, Cypress, and Sugar have taken advantage of our reliable roofing services for over a decade. Our experience and quality roofing contractors who install only the best shingles and tiles in the roofing industry enable us to resolve even the most troublesome roof repairs with ease--and if we can't, we'll set you up with the perfect replacement roof. When you choose us as your community roofing team, you can expect:


        Upfront, fair pricing

        On-time service

        No mess left behind.

        Fully licensed and insured contractors

Restore your property with any of our multi-family roofing services by calling Elite Disaster Recovery, LLC, today at 832-791-9060 to schedule your free roof inspection in Houston, TX.

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Creative Financing

Sometimes a roof cost more than the money we have access to, when this happens we have creative financing in place to make sure you can get the prompt service you feed, when you feed it. 

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Extensive Warranty

Our manur=factures offer the longest warranties on shingles and tile in the market and in addition to their extended warranty we stand behind the quality of ouw work with a 100% guarantee in the labor and construction of your new roof. 

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A+ Rating with BBB

We know its important to work with only the best, while some multi family roofing companies in Houston claim to be the best, we are. Read our reviews and after 1,000 roofs we have zero complaints. 

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