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Cypress Most Trusted Roofing Contractors

Work with the top roofing company in Cypress for roof repairs and roof replacement services– call us today at 832-791-9060

EDR Roofing Company of Cypress is a fully licensed, insured, and certified roof repair and replacement company. We take ownership of the roofs we build and stand behind our work with a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. When you hire us for your roofing needs, we ensure you receive the highest level of service along with the longest-lasting roofing tiles and shingles in our industry.

Elite Disaster Recovery, LLC, is family and locally owned and we treat our customers as more than just a number but as an important part of our Cypress roofing family. Without the loyalty of our customers, we wouldn’t have made it in business for the past fourteen years. 

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Our Cypress Roofing Company Replaces Your Roof

& You Reap The Benefits!

Just as every other part of your home ages so does your roof, when this happens your roofing system becomes less effective at protecting your home from such things as water damages. Your roof takes a beating from the hot and humid temperatures to hail storms, harsh rain, and high winds that cause older roofing materials to become brittle or break not to mention direct exposure to UV rays that can melt the tar that holds your roofing system in place. Once your roof has too many roof repairs it may be more effective to remove the existing roof and replace it but don’t worry you won’t have to handle the stress on your own. Our Cypress roofing contractors have years of knowledge and experience to provide you with the best prices and the most benefits you can receive including:

      Stability: While a good roofing system may go unnoticed a bad roofing system is a headache that can be total chaos on the exterior and interior of your home. Older roofs or roofs that have been through one severe storm after another are more likely to let warm air escape during winter ad cooler air enter making the most wonderful time of year the most uncomfortable especially if you own a two-story home.


      Increase Your Property Value: New roofs are expensive especially if you’re paying out of pocket but if you decide to sell your home in Cypress a quality roofing system can provide you with up to a 60% ROI when it's time to move. If this is your forever home, then with the right roofing system you may discover that the roofing system you choose will be your forever roof as some materials can last for centuries when properly maintained.


      Considerable Energy Savings: One of the most important things a homeowner wants from any investment into their home is a way to recoup some of their investment. With the energy savings of a new roof, you will instantly notice your utility bills are dropping and your HVAC system isn’t having to ensure unnecessary wear and tear.



Sheri Hollaway

Very professional and friendly to work with. Timely, and not expensive. My roof had come to the end of its' useful life. I contacted them and they provided an estimate, followed up with a site visit and scheduled the repairs. All within a two week period. They came on the scheduled day, installed my new roof, cleaned up and eve trimmed a few trees that overhung the roof. I would definitely recommend them and call them again if I need additional work done.


Extend the lifespan and performance of your current roof, with proper roof ventilation. Call today for a free valuation.  

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Cyress Full Service Roofing Company

Residents have counted on our experienced team for consistent and quality roofing service in Cypress for over a decade. At Elite Disaster recovery, LLC, our fully trained, licensed, and insured roofers can complete your project quickly and with minimal disruption to your home.

Using the latest technology and industry leading brands, we guarantee accurate roof replacement with zero complications and stand behind our work with a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. When you call us for your roof repairs or replacement, you can expect:

        Quick turnaround times


        Competent and polite roofs


        Competitive pricing


        Claim Assistance


        No mess left behind

       Industry-leading brands and the top technology

EDR Roofing Contractors know what it takes to install a sound roof correctly and on time. Call us today at 832-791-9060

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Safety First Company

Nothing matters more to us then the safety of your family and your belongs. We make sure your home is let the way we found it minus the roof!

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Quality Materials

Our roofing contrators believe in quality, you wont catch us at the local hardware store picking up tiles or shingles. When material matter there is to much better than Ownes Corning and CertainTEED. 

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Same Day Roof Inspections 

Dealing with a roofing emergency? We’re available for same-day or next-day service so you don’t have to go long without the expert solutions you need.

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