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Houston Metal Roof & Standing Seam Metal Roofs

Call EDR Roofing, for top-quality standing seam metal roof installation or repairs services in Harris or Fort Bend County.

Call EDR Roofing, for top-quality standing seam metal roof installation or repairs services in Harris or Fort Bend County.

If you’re looking for a new roof you may want to consider a standing seam metal roof that is energy-efficient and reliable. These roofs are designed with raised seams and concealed fasteners making a standing seam that make these roofs weather tight which is great roofing system for Houston rainy and often stormy weather.  As a leading roofing company, we install, replace and repair standing seam metal roofs that stand the test of time without leaks. We can provide you with a standing seam metal roof or corrugated metal roof that fits your needs and budget.

TAB: Improve your roof with the best metal roof sealant- Titebond  provides unbeatable adhesion for your metal roof while being dust and dirt resistant.

Other Roofing Options

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Houston Metal Roofing Repairs


While metal roofs are designed to superior nothing is totally indestructible therefore when you need metal roof repairs you want a quality contractor who can repair your roof quickly. One of the biggest issues that lead to metal roof repairs is improper installation, Correctly installed and routine up keep will prevent water leaks further down the road this is why you need a certified roofing company that has the wherewithal to install your metal roofing system in Houston the right way.  


Reason For Metal Roofs Repairs:


      Metal Roofing Screws Can lead to Water Leaks

      Stack & Curb Flashing

       Used the wrong sealant for a metal roof


        Overlaps and Seams 

If you do need repairs we make sure that those same repairs wont be needed again or leave your roof with constant leaks. For a fast- free quote call Houston Metal Roofing Expert, EDR Roofing at 832-791-9060

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The Cost of Metal Roof


Looking for a metal roof in Houston but not sure if the price tag is worth it? While metal roofs are more expensive upfront over time believe it or not they balance out to about the same prices as other roofing materials take for example an asphalt shingle roof that doesn’t last as long and is more prone to roof repairs. In addition there are a variety of different metal and with the help of Houston best metal roofing pro we can work with you to find a metal roof at a price you can agree to. Some of the metal roofing options for Houston homeowners include.

       Aluminum - cost between $3.25 - $6.25 sq ft


       Copper $13- $25 sq ft 

       Corrugated metal roofing $1.80 - $2.50 sq ft


       Standing Seam Metal Roof $5.00 to $14.00 sq ft

Houston Top Metal Roofing Contractor

At Elite Disaster Recovery Roofing (EDR) we provide standing seam metal roof installation and roof replacements throughout Houston Texas since 2007. Our experience equips us to complete all roofing projects cost-effectively and efficiently. 

Before recommending a roofing system for your home, our skilled team will assess your existing roof so we can recommend a metal roof suitable for your home. Our team only works with the industry’s top brands and every standing seam metal roof we install comes with a long-term warranty.

Get in touch with our team today to learn more about our standing seam metal roof replacement services or to schedule a free roof consultation.

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Should You Replace Your Roof with A Standing Seam Metal Roof?

If your current roof has been damaged in a severe storm or is starting to rack up repairs, it may be time to have your roof replaced. While our skilled team will do everything possible to repair your roof if your roof does need to be replaced a standing seam roof will provide your home with many benefits such as:

Extended lifecycle: With the right roofing contractor such as EDR Roofing a standing seam metal roof should last a quarter of a century and under the best conditions could outlast your home.

Quick Installation: We understand if you need your roof replaced this can not be delayed with Houston extended rainy season. As long as the weather corporates we can have your new standing seam metal roof installed within a day or two.

Energy Efficient: Standing seam metal roofs are excellent for reflecting the suns rays that heat up your home. When you choose a metal roof you will not have to continuously run your AC saving on you money on your electric bill if they are applied over a high R value foam insulation. In addition to being a heat conduction roof they are also fire resilient keeping your family safer.

Getting a standard seam roof may seem expensive at first, but it has long-term cost benefits. We’re happy to help you decide if roof repair or a roof replacement is a better fit for your home. Plus, our hassle-free financing options make paying for a new roof convenient and cost-effective.

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our personl favorite stading seam metal roof color choice. This roof will last looking good as new for decades to come

Standard Seam Metal Roof Colors 


Metal roof color choices are beautiful but if you’re a Houston homeowner then you may want to install a metal roof with a more tropical or southern flare. Homes with standard seam metal roofs that are near Galveston seawalls like opt for a brighter color such as metallic or custom color choices or an aged copper look.  But if you want that Lone star state feel for your western home then a metal roof color that is more Spanish style like a terra colored red or even a warmer color pallet. Whatever color you choose for your standard structure metal roof should compliment your homes exterior. When it comes to colors consider the trim of our home. What color is your window frames and doors? If you have a metal roof color that you really love, perhaps consider updating other surrounding features so that it does not clash with your current color scheme. One very popular color choice is a black metal roof because it matches with everything especially if your house is white bt the downside to a black metal roof is that they absorb heat more than lighter colors such as blue, peach or light green. If you want to find a color that matches with everything the way a black metal roof does then you may want to go with a light beige that will not only match but reflect the heat in our sub-tropical climate.

img src=“metalroofcolors.jpg” alt=“terra cotta metal roof”>

Terra Cotta metal roofs are one of the most requested standing seam metal color in the Lone star Satae, add some flare and culture this this beautiful color options for your roof. 

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Why Choose Us?

Houston and Fort Bend County residents have counted on our experienced team for consistent and quality roofing services for over fourteen years. At JEDR Roofing, our fully licensed and insured team can complete your standing seam metal roof repairs or roof installation project with minimal disruption to your home and family.

Using the latest technology, we can cutdown the noise of a stand seam metal roof and even have types of metal roofs that are warrantied not to dent during a hail or tropical storm saving you from storm damage roof repairs. Our team also guarantee accurate installation of your standard seam metal roof installation with zero complication and stands behind our work with a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. When you call us for your roof replacement you can expect:

  • Quick turnaround times

  • Competent and polite roofing contractors

  • Upfront, fair pricing

  • Insurance Claim Assistance

  • No mess left behind.

  • Industry-leading brands

Are you ready for a new Roof that outperforms your old one by leaps and bounds? Call EDR Roofing for a Standard Seam Metal Roof, today at 832-791-906 to schedule a free roof inspection in Houston, TX.

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