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Houston’s Cedar Shake & Shingles

Call EDR Roofing, today for quality cedar shake shingle roof or cedar shake roof repairs anywhere in Fort Bend or Harris County.

A cedar shake roof can withstand severe storms and reduce your energy costs to save you money. At Elite Disaster Recovery Roofing, LLC, we offer our customers cedar shakes and shingles.  These roofs come with many benefits that make them a smart choice for roof installation and replacement. Some of those benefits include:

Durability: In Houston, the 3rd most humid city in the United States these roofs are able to maintain their original dimension with little shrinkage making this roof last for decades if properly installed and maintained

Weather Resistant: Cedar Shake can withstand moisture and severe storms from high winds to hurricanes making cedar shake shingles perfect for the Houston climate. This roof is also less prone to moss, algae, and insect damages. 

Houston Strong: Cedar Shake is one of the strongest woods you can use for fences or for roofs as it's naturally durable making cedar shake shingles a wise long-term investment. 


Other Roofing Options

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Cedar Shake Options

Make sure you get the right cedar shake roof for your Houston home by choosing the right tile option to fit your vision and your pocketbook. 


     Five X: Available in Western Red Cedar or Yellow Cedar with a smooth front and back this cedar shake shingle comes in 16-inch length to reduce exposure of the shingle to harmful UV rays and provides you with a 3-ply roofing system.

     Perfections: 18” in length this cedar shake shingle is a top-grade shingle option made from 100% heartwood that has edged grain and is totally clear.


      Royal: Known for its straight grain and rich color this cedar shake shingle is 24” long and is the premium of all cedar shake shingles. They provide the best weatherproof solution for your home or business roofing system.

How A Cedar Shake Roof Saves You Money


Having a cedar shake roof is an investment into your home that last for up to 30 years if professionally installed and properly maintained. While slate and metal roofing systems are long-lasting cedar shake shingles are less costly. Cedar shank roofs start at around $3.00 per square foot depending on if you choose a FIVE X or a Royal cedar shake shingle.  In addition, having cedar shingles will save you money as their naturally energy efficient. Wood is a naturally insulating material this means which helps maintain your indoor temperatures. Not only does a cedar shake roof insulate against heat loss but they have the ability to control dampness and humidity level which has made cedar shake shingles grow in popularity in the Houston housing market.

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Cedar Shake Ventilation Done Right 

EDR Roofing offers the top-of-the-line cedar shank and shingles coupled with the correct ventilation. One of the differences that separates us from other Houston roofing companies is we create the proper ventilation. Cedar needs to be able to breath in order to have the longest lifespan possible.  Without proper ventilation your cedar shake shingles can dry out causing them to weaken. Furthermore, if the cedar shank is untreated without a waterproof sealant, they will age and thus deteriorate more rapidly. In Houston cedar shake roofs are more susceptible to extreme heat buildup since Harris County stays above 70 degrees most the year and your roof must be able to release this heat.  In majority of cedar roof replacement, they were not properly ventilated.

Here are a few ways EDR ventilates our cedar shake roofs:

       Felt Underlayment’s


        Reflecting barrier Sheathing


        Correct Ridge Vents


        Additional Vents with the option to add fans.


        Adequate Insulation in the attic


In addition to making sure your cedar shank roof is has great ventilation before we install the roof, we will allow the cedar to acclimate to Houston weather, then we use alloy nails installing each cedar shingle by hand instead of using a nail gun. We also make sure to use the best fasteners and allow enough space for proper draining so that your cedar shake and shingles have the longest lifespan possible. Installing cedar roof shingles is a serious task that should be done the right way to preserve your investment as the smallest mistake can shave years off the life of your roof. When you need a cedar shake & shingle roof done right call Houston best roofing company EDR Roofing, 

If you want a Cedar Shake & Shingle Roofing System, look no further! Call EDR Roofing, at 832-791-9060 to schedule your roof inspection, repair, or installation in Houston, TX.

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Preferred Choice for Cedar Shake Roof


Installation In Houston 

At Elite Disaster Recovery -EDR Roofing, our licensed and certified team offer quality cedar shake and shingle roof installation and storm damage roof repairs from small patches to replaced sections to make sure your cedar roofing system performs at its best year around. We also offer industry leading materials and warranties, and all of our work comes with a 100% labor guarantee. When you choose us as your roofing contractor, you can expect:


     Free Roof Inspection by Qualified & Licensed Professional


       Same Day Service

        Fair Pricing

        Convenient Scheduling

        Little disruption to your family with zero mess left behind.

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