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Storm Damage Roof

Houston Hurricane Roof Damage Contractors

Work with the top storm damage company in Harris and Fort Bend County – call today!

When most Houston residents think of hurricanes are mind reverts back to the tragedy of Hurricane Harvey that impacted over 3 million people and over 130,000 homes overnight and white it’s been a few years there are still lingering effects. While we have not been through anything so traumatic storm wise and hope to never again the majority of hurricanes, we will see in the future are likely to carry heavy winds and harsh rain. These tropical storms if severe enough can lead to significant roof damages, . The most common hurricane damages happen to your roof because its exposed to high winds and rains during the hurricane. Some of the damages are obvious while some storm damage may go undetected for an extended length of time.

Some of the damages to roof from hurricanes include:


Holes or Cracked Shingles and Tiles: When your roof has holes or cracks, they can weaken your roofing system causing rainwater to leak into the homes and during a hurricane smaller holes can expand quickly leading to premature roof failure.


Lost Shingles and Tiles: When Houston is hit with a hurricane the wind speeds can be in excess of 150 mile per hour wind with the highest wind speeds reported in Galveston that is strong enough not only to split roof shingles and tiles but entire sections of the roof. One of the issues it shingles is that when the wind blows they can flap and then afterwards lay back down hiding their damages so without a roper inspection things may appear normal to the untrained eye this is why after any storm has made its way through the greater Houston area we recommend having a trained expert be called to assess your roof. 


Sagging Roofs: The most dangerous roof damage from a hurricane or tropical storm is a roof that is sagging. When you notice there are sagging or sinking areas of the roof you should be concerned. Some sagging doesn’t mean your family is in imminent danger however you should act soon and not delay the necessary repairs in over to save the structure if left unattended a sagging roof becomes a ticking time bomb that can collapse on your family at any given moment without warning. With hurricanes comes massive rain and any part f your roof that’s been damaged allows water an entry door into the home weaking and potentially destroying the underlying surface.

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Sheri Hollaway

Very professional and friendly to work with. Timely, and not expensive. My roof had come to the end of its' useful life. I contacted them and they provided an estimate, followed up with a site visit and scheduled the repairs. All within a two week period. They came on the scheduled day, installed my new roof, cleaned up and eve trimmed a few trees that overhung the roof. I would definitely recommend them and call them again if I need additional work done.


Read Our Latest Reviews To See Why We Are Houston Choice For Storm Damage Roof Repairs and Roof Replacements

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The Best Roof for Hurricane and Severe Storms

While no roofing material is entirely resistant to 130 miles hour winds and torrential rain some roofing material come out of Hurricanes better than others.

      Metal Roofs: This type of roof is best for areas where hurricanes can make a direct impact such as Galveston and 30 miles inland. Most metal can handle wind speeds of up to 140 miles per hour or a category 4 hurricane offering the best defense of all roofing materials in hurricane prone areas. Metal roofs are also able to handle hail storms and debris that falls onto the roof during such severe weather because their panels overlap and attach to the structure of the home so that wind can not lift it up the way wind can with tiles or shingles. 


      Impact Resistant Roof Shingles: These roofing shingles more commonly known in our industry as “IR” shingles are great for Houston severe weather including hurricane because they have a class 4- impact resistant that can safeguard your home.  For these asphalt shingles to qualify to receive this special rating they are tested by having a steel drop dropped numerous times at a height of 20 feet, while this steel ball will crack a concrete paver it will not damage an impact resistant roof shingle. Because of the way these shingles are engineered. On the back of an asphalt shingle is a polymer-based mesh that holds the shingle together so tit will not crack or break when high winds, hail, or hurricane cause debris to hit the roofs surface. The second way a IR shingle is designed is with a styrene-butadiene-styrene which is like a rubber surface that makes the shingle more flexible and capable of recovering when hit with hail, tree limbs or other debris.

Whatever type of roofing material you use to install or replace your roof – its only as good as the installers you hire. Hire the best – EDR Roofing!

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Choose Houston Elite Storm Damage Roofing Contractor

You can trust in our team at Elite Disaster Recovery, LLC, to deliver superior roofing service and the best roofing material for your residential or commercial roofing system. Our team has been here through Hurricane Rita in 2005, Hurricane Ike in 2008 and Hurricane Harvey in 2017 to provide Harris County and Fort Bend County a hassle-free experience from claim assistance to offering fair and upfront pricing to our cash customers. We offer 24-hour emergency assistance in addition to: 

      Free Roof Inspections

      Fully licensed and insured services

      Same-day service

      Certified roofers

      Plenty of roofing options all using quality material.

Call EDR Roofing at 832-791-9060 to schedule a free roof inspection or for storm damage roof repairs, roof replacement or installation in Houston, TX.

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100% Satisfaction Guarantee

We know when you call us after a storm has impacted your home, its a stressful time. This is why we go above and beond to make this experience as hassle free and smooth as possible. 

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Roof Emergency

If your faced with hurricane roof damages you need a roofing pro who can be there for you this is why we offer a live answering 24/7 hotline for all your storm damage roof repairs. 

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No Mess Left Behind

Unlike other sttorm damage roof companies, we pick up after ourselves and make the job site safe and clean. We believe being a professional starts from the moment you canll until after we leave!

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