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5 Signs Your Katy Roof Needs Repairs

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Signs Your Roof Needs Repairs

What’s not to love about Katy? Outstanding neighborhoods, exceptional schools, and with close proximity to Katy is one of the best cities to call home. The only thing Katy TX lacks is cooler temperatures. During the summer months if the heat won’t get you, the humidity will, The best solution to fight over the sultry summers is to stay indoors. But can you imagine for a moment what life would be like if your home or office did not have a roof? There would be nothing to provide you shelter from the outdoor elements like heat, rain, humidity, and high winds and did I say heat! With all these weather changes we would all suffer from a heat stokes. Not only would it make life extremely uncomfortable but what about all the items we love inside our home that bring us enjoyment or entertainment. Imagine a roof not being able to protect your ceiling, walls, flooring, family heirlooms or photos. It would seem with all the things that a roof does to make our life more bearable we wouldn’t take it for granted. YET when was the last time you had a roof inspection? In 2020 over 40% of building and home related issues had to do with water intrusion and the majority of such incidents occurred because the homeowner failed to have their roof inspected.

Listen I understand procrastination we are busy but putting off a roof is not the same as delaying fence repairs. While the safety of your backyard is a pretty big deal especially for Fido it’s not going to be life altering. If you fence falls over its not going to be life altering if your roof collapses that’s an entirely different story. That may seem a little drastic but the point being is a roof in need of repairs especially during rainy season is more than just a minor inconvenience. This is why most local roofing company offers free roof inspections. Having your roof repaired is also 500% less expensive than having to have your roof replaced. If your still not compelled to have a roof inspection let us at least provide you with five warning signs to know if you need repairs.

Warning Signs Of A Roof Needing Repairs

If you are experiencing any of these signs or others that make you feel your roof is not as secure as you believe it should be never hesitated to call a local roofer as its better to air on the safe side then to incur larger and more costly issues.

Musty Odor: If you detect a smell that is musty you should check to see if you can find where the smell is coming from. If you trace that the smell is coming from your attic there could be a high probability that the culprit is a moldy roof. If your new to our area, then you should know that Houston is a haven for mold to grow and thrive. When the wind picks up the mold spores travel and if they are left on your roof, they can deteriorate your shingles, or the mold can get inside your home. Once you smell the scent of mold its likely reached the interior of your home. This is just one reason keeping your roof inspected and washed on a routine basis is a must. If the inspection does reveal there is mold, then roof repairs may resolve the issue.

Higher Than Average Electric Bill: During the summer months its not uncommon for homeowners to crank up the AC to keep comfortable. However, if you see a significant spike in your electric usage this can be a warning sign that your roof has been punctured and is allowing hot air inside and cooler air outside which will obviously be noticed on your utility bill. Since there is no cost for a roof inspection it never hurts to get a Katy roofing company to come out to make sure everything on your roof checks out because you’ll spend more running your AC then having the roof repaired.

Softs Spots On Your Roof: As your roof is exposed over the years to the outside elements the wood underneath can become weaker which causes the underlayment to become soaked in water causing a soft or spongy spot to occur which is not detectable from the ground. Generally, when there is one soft spot there are others so the best thing you can do for your roof is to call out a local roofing company who can repair your roof and ensure it remains structurally sound. The biggest causes of a roof collapsing is structural damages due to water intrusion from dry rot or a reoccurring roof leak which leads me to our next warning sign.

Ceiling Leaks : One of the biggest roof repairs Katy homeowners fears is a leaky roof. If you notice water stains, discoloration on your ceiling, peeling or chipped paint this is caused by one of two issues. This is either a plumbing issue or a roof repair. Since most plumbers require homeowners a service fee the best way to know what the cause of your ceiling leak is to call a Katy roofing company that offers free roof inspections. If it’s not a roof leak chances, are they can refer you to someone who can help, either way you want to contact someone who can look at the issue right away.

Visible Damages : While we do not encourage getting onto your roof, grab a set of binoculars or use the zoom feature on your phone to check for signs of visible damages that you can see from the ground such as cracks and chipping. Even the smallest sign of an issue is worth having a Katy roofing company come out as there can be larger issues which you unable to see or issues that you may not even know what it is your looking at.

Missing Shingles: Again, using a pair of binoculars move them from the left side of your roof to the right side and from top to bottom to ensure all the shingles are laying flush. If you suspect, there are missing shingles, or you discover after a recent storm any shingles laying in your yard then your roof needs repairs.

Clogged Gutters: One of the important parts of your roofing system is your gutters. Gutters have the job of diverting water off your roof and onto a designated location on the ground but when gutters fill up with leaves, twigs, pine needs and debris and are not cleaned at least twice a year the gutters can become clogged and unable to function as they should. If you notice while cleaning your gutters there are granules inside your gutters it is worth investigating further to make sure your roof has not lost its protected coating.

What Causes Roof Repairs

As you can see there is a lot that can go wrong quickly when a roof is not repaired, still one of the most frequently asked questions is what causes roof damages. There are several things that can lead your roof needing repairs but the biggest two reasons are weather and improper installation. Your roof keeps you from being exposed to the weather and outdoor elements including rain, UV rays, hail, and high winds but what is there to protect it? Nothing. Over the years as it takes a daily beating, all roofs are going to need repairs rather sooner or later. Some roofs are constructed better than others and can withstand more such as metal roofs which detour mold and mildew and are excellent at being weather resistant but no roof is 1000 percent maintenance free.

The second leading cause of rood repairs in Katy is improper installation. In the greater Houston area, anyone can claim to be a roofing company. The lone star state does not require roofers to have a license or regulate the industry the way they do plumbers and electricians. This is why before you hire any roofing company in Katy you want to verify, they have insurance, referrals, and check out their work in the area. Chances are if they are a Katy roofing company there are people in the area whose homes they have worked on and can vouge for their work.

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Need A Roofing Company in Katy or Houston area?

Its hard to keep up with roof maintenance like washing your roof once a year and walking around the perimeter with a set of binoculars but it can help you to spot minor roof repairs before they become larger and most costly. Its also difficult because its hard for many people to get onto their roof safely so much of the time its left up to an uneducated guess, this is because most people are not sure what to look for, so this leaves a lot of issues undetected. This is why we recommend working with a Katy roofing company that Is trained and knows what problems to look for and how to repair them if there is any issue. If you are in Katy or the greater Houston area and believe your roof is damaged or need repairs, please give EDR Roofing a call and we can provide you a same day roof inspection, let you know if there are any issues and if those issues are covered under your insurance policy. We look forward to helping keep you safe

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