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6 Fall Must Do’s From Katy Roofing company

With the temperatures cooling off now that the dog days if summer have temporarily ended many homeowners turn form their list of interior to focus on their home exterior projects so our Katy roofing company wanted to provide a few do’s and don’ts to ensure that roof stays in tip top shape

Crown Reduction: One if the leading causes of roof repairs is impact damages often because the crown if the trees towering over your home have been ignored. When the wind gust picks up if you have low hanging branches this can cause your shingles to become damaged. Another benefit to crown reduction is it keeps your trees healthier and neater in appearance which reflects on your overall curb appeal.

Gutter Cleaning: Your gutters are a crucial component of your roofing system as they divert water away from your roof instead of puddling on top of the shingles which can lead to mold, mildew, and algae growth. The best time to clean your gutters is in the fall and spring months. Another piece of advice for those of you who have gutter guards. In spite of all the hype surrounding then, you still need to keep your gutter cleaned as small debris can enter into the holes and clog your gutters.

Christmas Lights: Many Katy homeowners love the look of this beautiful twinkling lights flickering on the rooftop but if you’re not careful you can damage your shingles by walking on the roof or trying g to nail down the lights instead of using clips. This is why our Katy roofing company suggest to spare your roof of any damages hiring a professional Christmas light installer. This will keep you and your roofer safer.

Check Window and Door Seals : While not your roof you should also make sure to replace and worn-out weather stripping around your door and window frames so that you stay comfy during the colder days ahead. While last year’s freeze and cold weather days was a rare occurrence, we still have a few colder days throughout the winter months

Watch For Leaks : While the rainiest time of the year is behind us there are still days ahead where you want to watch out for water leaks and if you discover a leak in your roof call your Katy roofing company to further inspect it because an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Which leads us to the next two points for fall roof care.

Roof Inspection: Make sure during the fall to have your roof inspected especially if you have not already had one this year. Our Katy roofing company provides free roof inspections where a member of our team will check your roof for any damages such as dents, leaks, mold, and needed repairs.

Roof Repairs: It’s a wise idea to invest in your roof is you want it to last its entire life span. Th e best way to ensure it last as long as possible is to not put off roof repairs as this can result in larger and more costly expenses in the future.

Looking For A Katy Roofing Company?

If you would like a free estimate by a qualified and experienced company or if you discovered you need roof repairs then don’t hesitate to contact EDR Roofing. Our Katy Roofing Company has years of experience and is A+ with the Better Business Bureau. In addition to roof repairs we also replace and install roofs including asphalts shingles ( CertainTeed) metal roofs, cedar shank, and clay tile roofs for both residential and commercial properties so give us a call today or contact us online.

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