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Do Metal Roofs Increase Your Houston Property Value?

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Metal Roof Options in Houston

When you decide to replace your roof, you may consider your long-term plans. Do you plan to stay in your home, or do you plan to move some day? If you are planning on staying in your home, you likely want to stretch your home improvement budget more by installing a metal roof. When your Houston roof needs repairs more frequently this can wipe out any saving you may have by installing an asphalt shingle roof. Most metal roofs that Houston roofing companies install have lifetime warranties giving homeowners the peace of mind that their roof is going to be covered by future storms, wear, and tear. Another consideration when having a replacement roof is the maintenance it requires. One way metal roofs save homeowners more money is most metals are a deterrent for mold. Metal is a slick surface that prevents grime, debris, and contamination and as such cleaning a metal roof is much easier than an asphalt shingle roof. When you hire a professional Houston roofing company to install a metal roof, they can install strips made of metals such as copper or zinc along the ridge of the roof so that when it rains the metal molecules on those strips travel down the slope of the roof which eliminates mold, mildew, and algae that is along the rainwater path. Another consideration when replacing your roof is choices such as energy efficiency, curb appeal, and the overall protection that a roof provides for the household that lives under it.

Four Popular Metal Roof Options and Prices

If you choose to go with a metal roof your making wise investment into your home. When it comes to choosing a style of roof you will want to make see the roof has a limited lifetime warranty. Metal roofs come in a variety of choices but the most common sense

Aluminum Metal Roof: is the lightest of all metal roofs and since its more budget friendly thronging from $150 to $600 per square foot this roof is a good option if you live near Galveston or Baytown as it can handle saltwater sprays without corrosion.

Copper Metal Roof: This roof is commonly used as an accent or aesthetic piece to other roofs. A copper roof offers additional layer of protection but due to the difficulty s roofer has installing copper it comes with a steep price of $700 to $1700 per square foot.

Zinc Metal Roof: The longest lasting material is Zinc, and it also happens to be the most attractive of all metal roof on the Houston market. Zinc will patina and change colors starting out as a dark grey almost black in appearance and over time lightens. Once it goes through the patina process this metal roof turns to a light gray color or blue color, but Zinc is not for a budget minded buyer. The average cost for a zinc metal roof in Houston starts at $600 per square and can be as costly as $1200 per square.

Galvanized Steel Metal Roof: This is more of a commercial roof in Houston though many homeowners still choose this option as they are rust resistant and require minimal upkeep, Galvanized steel is also one of the more affordable metal roofs on the Houston market with a cost between $75 to $200 a square.


Leverage Your Houston Home Value with A Metal Roof

The standard metal roof can improve your property value so that you can recover 85.9 % of the cost you invested installing a metal roof in Houston, this is far more of an increase than most other home addition or renovation projects you may consider such as a swimming pool or garage conversion. However most homeowners who choose a metal roof over an asphalt roof plan to stay in their homes to enjoy it and there is much to be enjoyed including durability.

Durability: A metal roof can withstand Houston wind gust of up too 140 miles per hour in addition to the perks of having a roof that will not corrode or crack and depending on the type of metal you choose it can be impact resistant.

Class 4 there are four classes assigned to shingle and metal roofs developed by the UL that test the strength of a roof and according to impact standards most shingles are not impact rated while most metal roofs are class 4 impact resistant giving homeowner security that their roof has only a smaller chance of being damaged during the next hailstorm or if debris or tree limbs land on the roof they will not have to worry with punctures or holes saving you money on roof repairs or water damages from roof leaks. In fact, some homeowner’s insurance policies provide metal roof homeowners in Houston discounted rates.

Energy Efficient: Another benefit to having a metal roof installed in Houston is they are “cool” factor which can give us a much-needed break in the hot humid climate we call home and any savings we can see on the utility bill in summer is a benefit to cash in on. To make your metal roof eve color you can opt for a lighter color so that it absorbs less heat than a darker color.

Recyclable: Once a roof is uninstalled form a home, they are 100% recyclable so that you not only receive the benefits of saving money, but you also know the roof aids in Houston earth friendly environment.

Do your Metal Roof Research and Book Your Free Roof Inspection!

There is no doubt that replacing the roof on your home or commercial building is an expense and one that you do not want to take lightly. We hope this will help you make a more informed choice but if you are in the Houston market shopping for a metal roof contact EDR roofing in Richmond TX and speak with one of our knowledgeable consultations or schedule a free roof inspection. We offer drone roof inspections as well. To schedule your roof inspection in Houston, Spring, Cypress, and Humble visit us online or call 832-791-9060

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