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Easy Roof Maintenance Tips For Katy Residents

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Houston, we have a problem…most people do not think about their roof until something goes wrong, like a water leak or a letter from the HOA asking you to remove the mold that we didn’t even notice until the pesky letter or water comes seeping inside down the walls or discoloring our ceilings. However, most Katy homeowners would be startled to learn that having your roof repaired is 5XS less expensive then having t replaced. The best way to ensure you keep your roof in tip top shape s to follow a few suggestions so that you are not caught off guard and faced with a emergency roof repair then next time it rains in Katy TX.

Please note these tips are for asphalt shingle roofs as metal roofs, are essentially maintenance free.

Annual Roof Checklist For Katy Homeowners

Pick a day on your calendar once a year that is devoted to your roof, with binoculars in hand go outside and look up. Walk the perimeter surrounding your home and check for latent issues. If this is something you are not used to doing no worries your not the only homeowner in Katy who fails to do a yearly inspection but most people wind up regretting it sooner or later so make this a once a year habit.

Rusted or Damaged Flashing: If your flashing has rust spots or damages it can render your roof useless to do its job, The flashing is a critical component to your roof and is usually made of wither copper or rust. Without it there is no way to diverts water away from your roofs valley, chimney, and exterior walls. In certain areas around Houston rust on roofs are more common due to the salty air blowing in from the gulf. If you notice issues, you may need roof repairs

Defective Shingles: Check your roof for missing or broken shingles also check for buckling, curling, or blistering as these will need to be replaced. If the shingle is cracked or torn, then you can repair the roofs shingles with sealant. One of the ways the shingles become defective is due to improper installation. This is why choosing a Houston based roofing company is essential.

Vent Pipes: Look at the boots that seals the area around your vent pipe. With times these can wear out or become cracked, when this happens rain can seep inside the home. These rubber boots last about a decade if they are made of quality materials and aren’t severely impacted by Katy weather.

Chimney Caps: While the chimney cap is not an essential component to your roof since your inspected your Houston roof this is a great time to check your chimney cap as well. The biggest issue in our area with these caps that protect your chimney is rust because they are made of steel or copper.

Moss and Lichens: If you notice that your roof is covered with moss, mildew, algae this could be a warning sign to tell you that the underlayment of your roof is decaying from all the moisture.

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Benefits Of A Yearly Roof Inspection in Houston

The biggest benefit of having a Katy roofing company inspect your roof or doing it yourself is you will be informed of any hidden roof issues, remember as they say, “an inch of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” And if your roof is damaged the next storm that rolls through its easier to deal with your insurance carrier instead of fighting them if they deny your claim because you have created a paper trail. Another benefit to a roof inspection is you will be known when to start saving for a roof replacement. Having a roof replaced is one of the costliest home repairs you will ever have to face. The good news is you don’t have to face it alone, generally a roofing company in Katy such as EDR Roofing will provide you a free roof inspection so that you can make timely repairs, prolong your roof as long as possible and avoid water damages.

If you are a, do it yourselfer, please do most of the inspection from the ground as walking on a roof can be dangerous to you and destructive to your roof. If you cannot see from the ground level, then do it from a ladder and make sure you have someone stand on the ground who can spot you. Please be safe and always follow ladder safety rules.

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Roof Maintenance Checklist For Katy Homeowners

In addition to a yearly roof inspection there are also some ways that you can keep your roof in better shape and make sure that it last as long as possible without taking away from your curb appeal. No homeowner wants to be the house on the block that looks upkept.

1. Remove any debris off the roof. When a roof has a pile of leaves, twigs, and grime it takes away from the overall look and value of your home.

2. Take care of your gutters, your gutters are a part of your roofing system as they allow water to stay off the roof so twice a year generally in the spring and fall have them cleaned out to avoid clogging the downspouts.

3. If you have large trees keep the crown of the tree reduced so that there are no limbs that dragging along the roof top that could cause impact damage to your shingles.

4. If you notice moss, mold, or algae on your roof do not clean it with a pressure washer instead use a soft bristle brush and a product like Apple bottom that will safely wash it all away. While some people believe roof washing is safe power washing can wash off the granules or protective coasting from the shingles and once the granules are gone the roof begins to frequently need roof repairs

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Need A Katy Roof Repair Company

If you notice any signs of your roof needing repairs or want a free inspection and you reside in Katy, Stafford, Richmond, Pearland or anywhere in the greater Houston area give EDR Roofing of Katy a call for a fast, free quote. You can click here to complete a brief form for one of our friendly staff members to call you back within 24 hours or you can give us a call at 832-791-9060. We are fully insured, provide a generous warranty and offer 24/7 service in the event you have a roof repair emergency.

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