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Fail Proof Tips For Hiring A Roofing Contractor

<img src="eoofing.png" alt="Houston neighborhood with severe roof damages due to a storm">
Houston neighborhood covered with emergency roofing tarps

With storm season drawing nearer you do not want to wait until you are hit with a roofing emergency to seek out a dependable roofing contractor. During these stressful times, many homeowners are quick to make hasty decisions that have long term consequences. While we certainly hope no severe weather is headed our way anytime soon the best time to find a roofing contractor is now when things are calm to ensure your home stays a safe as possible should severely weather strike.

During storm season your roof is ground zero for damages caused by hail and high wind especially with our close proximity to the coast. Your roof act as a protective shield for your home but has little to no protection for itself. While your roof takes the brunt of our severe weather it is one of the most important aspects of your home and one of the costliest items to replace when it becomes irreparable. One of the key factors to a roof that can withstand severe storm damages and outlast the duration you live in your home is choosing the right roofing contractor to work with. In fact, choosing the right roofer is just as crucial as the material you install.

Think about it for just a moment, would you want your trust your newly licensed teenager with a brand-new car? Doubtful, and yet some roofs can cost just as much as a new automobile. The car may be great on gas millage and come equip with all the right features but at the end of the day the way a car preforms is based on the hands that’s behind the wheel. The same can be said for the roofer who installs your roof. Great roofs are not built on quality shingles alone but by a knowledge and skilled roofing contractors. If you do not happen to have one on speed dial when storm season hits and you find yourself with a roofing emergency you may find yourself trusting the first charming salesman that comes along instead consider these fail proof tips for choosing a roofing contractor and become aquatinted with a local roofing company you can trust for all your roofing needs.

How To Choose the Best Roofing Contractor

Having to replace your roof due to severe storm damages can be stressful times. Suddenly your neighborhood is flooded with water, fallen tree debris, and roofing companies are knocking at your door some of which may over promise but under deliver yet when you have shingles laying all over your yard and life has been interrupted these door knocking roofers can seem heaven sent and some of them are but knowing which ones can prevent you from a new roof failing shortly after it has been installed. When it comes to choosing a roofing contractor for your home, save yourself, your roof and wallet by following this tried-and-true process because chances are if you fall for the first charming door knocker who promises to have your roof replaced in a record amount of time and for considerably less than all the other roofing companies you may compromise quality for price.

One thing to keep in mind as cliché as it may sound is patients is a virtue and choosing a roofing company cannot be done on a whim but doing your due diligence now will ensure that if you find yourself needing roof repairs or a roof replacement you will know who to call because you have already vetted the roofer which will make a stressful and chaotic event much easier to manage. Without further ado here is our fail proof tips for hiring a local roofing contractor.

#1 Certified & Insured

Before anyone steps foot on your roof or flies a drone over your house to check the condition of your roof after a storm, check their credentials. In the great state of Texas, roofers are not licensed or regulated by the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulations. This means that anyone can claim to be a roofing contractor even if they have no previous experience or knowledge. However, the majority of leading shingle manufacturers such as CertainTeed and Owens Corning offer product training to their installers to ensure that your new roof is professionally installed. If a roofing contractor in Houston is worth their weight in gold, they will have taken the time necessary to ensure these classes for the sake of their customers peace of mind so ask to see if they have these credentials and that they are insured. Roofers have a dangerous job and you do not want to be held liable should they injury themselves while working on your property.

#2 Are Their Words Written in Stone? 

Okay, these aren’t the stone ages we are living in but having a contract that states in writing what they have promised provides you, the homeowner with some fighting power should push come to shove. Before signing your name on the dotted line take the time to carefully read over the contract you are signing. Does it have the start and completion date? Without a date they can delay your roofing project for larger roofing jobs that pay more especially if you are dealing with a smaller roofing company who lack the manpower to do more than one roofing project at a time. Furthermore, without a starting date written into the contract it’s possible that the document you are signing is not binding and would not hold up in a court of law. In the contract it is also imperative the roofing company list the materials that they will be installing on your roof including the manufacture, color, and size of shingle. Our crew has witnessed some of the work provided by amateur roofing companies who clearly ran out of materials in the middle of a job and used a shingle that was less than the shingles they promised to provide leaving the homeowner with a mismatched roof that had various shingles of different colored and sized materials. The best way to eliminate this from occurring is to make sure to ask the roofing company those “what if” questions and make sure the specific of the roofing materials they are installing are clearly written into your contract. You also want to ask other probing questions such as the steps they will take to protect your shrubbery or landscaping, a guarantee from the company that they will leave no mess behind after the job is complete and who will be the responsible party should any damages occur to your windows, siding and gutters. If a roofing contractor will not provide you a detailed contract, then find a roofing company who will.

#3 No Cash Deals

Everyone is familiar with “but if you pay in cash, I will give you a discount” and sometimes those deals when your short on funds can be great except when it comes to making major purchase such as your roof. When you work with a quality roofing contractor you are paying for more than just roofing materials, you’re paying the roofing contractor to professionally install or replace your roof and for proof that in the event something goes wrong they will be there to make it right. Considering most roofs come with a long-term warranty, you want to know that you’re not hiring a fly by night roofing company in Houston but someone who will be there to repair the roof if need be. One way to know you are not working with a subpar roofer is they won’t offer you a cash deal in the first place because not only do they have your best interest in mid but their companies reputation. One nasty mark against a roofing company can tarnish their reputation and send their company into a downward spiral. Anytime a roofer says “I can lower the price if you pay by cash” chances are they can offer you the same exact deal with or without you having to fork over your hard-earned money, if not find a roofing company who will. One of the advantages to working with EDR Roofing is they not only offer you the best deal on your roof replacement, but they are willing to beat any other roofing companies prices and, in most cases, if you are having to replace your roof due to storm damages your insurance will cover the cost as long as you have not voiced out your previous roof warranty.

#4 City Permits

While roofers are not require to be licensed in the state of Texas, they are required to follow all local building and city codes because most disasters that happen with roof replacements are because a few men got together and decided to start a roofing company and haven’t a clue what they are doing! Anyone can build a roof, not everyone can build a roof to last, especially in our unpredictable climate. Save yourself the headache and never trust a roofing contractor who cuts corners by taking on your roofing project prior to obtaining the authority to do so. Yes, it’s a process but do you know what can happen if they do not follow local codes and improperly install your roof? Any roofing company that tries to avoid building code inspections shows they either have something to hide or they don’t care if your roof is installed right.

Having your roof replaced is more than just ripping off old shingles to lay down new ones. There is a step by step method, while you may not be thinking clearly because your roof is in bad shape if you are working with a trustworthy roofing company after a storm has damaged your roof, they will provide you with an emergency tarp to protect your home until you can obtain a permit and your roof can be replaced. An emergency tarp is not a permanent solution, but it can provide you with passable protection to prevent further damages so bottom line if a roofing company is offering excuses instead of solutions as to why you should not have the necessary permits find another roofer because obtaining a permit provides you with peace of mind that your roof is safe and any roofer who complains about this crucial step in the process is not the roofer for the job regardless of how cheap he is you can forgo those savings if you do not have a permit. In fact, the fines alone you can face zap those savings and heaven forbid the inspector forces you to bring down the roof. Furthermore, not only should a roofing company adhere to all local building and construction codes for Harris or Fort Bend Count but since they have the expertise to file and obtain a permit on your behalf, don’t let them get away with having you do any of the leg work. A part of what you or your insurance company is paying for is their time.

#5 Ask Questions During Your Roof Inspection

Roofing may seem boring and drab, especially for us women who may be the ones to oversee the process is being followed and your roofing company is dotting all the I and marking all the T’s but you are spending your hard earned dollars rather that is paying for your roof replacement out of pocket or the insurance deductibles so you want to do your duty to be as educated and involved in this process that you can be. How else are you to know if they are installing your roof correctly or if they are the right roofing company unless you out on your thinking ap and fire away with the questions, you don’t have to be an roofing expert, that is their job but as a homeowner it does help during the roofing consultation to ask as many questions as possible, then sit back, listen and jot down notes and if you hired them are they doing what they said they would do? One area that you really want to press them for answers with relates to safety. What is their precautionary safety measures to ensure their team works safely while installing your new roof? While you have verified that the roofing company you hired is fully insured if an accident occurs because of not wearing the proper protective gear such as a safety harness if an accident occurs this can slow down or even put a halt to your roof installation. If you happen to be home while they are installing your roof in Houston, take a peek out the window, are they wearing a safety device hooked to an anchor point to prevent serious injury if a fall should occur? While you may think this is a little dramatic it’s the law!

What To Do After You Find a Roofing Company?

Once you feel you have chosen the right roofing company to work with you still want to do a little more digging, again this is a process but it ca all happen so quick your head will spin and with the last 5 steps taken one more surely can’t hurt and this can make or break the deal. Ask for a list of referrals, not just off google those are a good starting point but you want to actually call these referrals to inquire about your experience with the roofing company. Did they deliver on their promises such as was their roof replaced in a timely fashion? If there were any delays or setbacks how was these handled and did, they keep you informed as the process progressed? Did they clean up the job site when they finished the roof installation? Also, it would not be a bad idea for you to ask if you can drive by other homes where you can see for yourself the quality of their workmanship, this is especially true if you are having a roof installed such as a cedar shank roof, a slate roof, or a metal roof. Not any roofing contractor can install these specialty roofs. In fact if your having a slate roof installed the roofing company must erect scaffoldings to the home in order to properly install them as slate should never be walked on. In addition to vetting the roofing contractor you also want to check with the better business bureau to read any complaints filed against the roofing company that may make you raise an eyebrow. Again, choosing a roofing contractor should never come down to just price, promises or availability. Doing your research is the best way to make sure you are dealing with an honest, reliable roofing company who will get the job done right. Having a roof replaced is expensive and you should take careful consideration to whom you hire.

Looking for a Reliable Roofing Company in Houston?

If you are searching for a local and reliable roofing contractor in Houston, who checks off all these boxes then give EDR Roofing a call. They specialize in roof replacement in and near Houston TX where they have replaced over 1,000 roofs to date while maintaining an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. As the premier roofing company in Houston, they also offer roof repairs, and free roof inspections. Call today to schedule your roof replacement consultation and receive your free personalized quote.

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Feb 10, 2022

When choosing a professional, however, don't be too hasty in making your decision. As in any profession, there are going to be variations on roof repair companies.

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