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Houston Metal Roofing Tips

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We had EDR Roofing Contactors install out metal roof, and we couldn't be happier- Rob

The roof on your home is one of the most critical components of your entire home as without it you, your family and belonging would be exposed to all of Houston outdoor elements so choosing a roof is a major decision and with the cost of a roof, a major purchase. While the most popular r choice of roof our Houston roofing contractors install is asphalt shingles there are many other options to consider including metal roofs. For years this roof has been overlooked as an option for residential roofs in Houston due to their noise level but as the roofing industry has evolved over the years it may surprise you to know that you won’t hear the rain hitting your tin roof any more than you will an asphalt shingled roof, but we will get to that a little later. If you are in the Houston market shopping for a replacement roof let our Houston roofing contractors provide you a closer look at the benefits and different type of metal roofs in Houston for you to choose from.

Types of Metal Roofs

As the name suggests a metal roof is made of metal however there are a variety of different metals to choose from including aluminum roofs, copper roofs, corrugated metal roofs, metal slate roofs, tin roofs, steel roofs, zinc metal roofs, and standing seam metal roofs just to name a few of the most requested metal roofs in Houston. But that is the difference in each type of roof is largely their durability, price, benefits, and life span.

Aluminum Metal Roofs: One of the biggest benefits of this metal roof is its durability and ability to heat up or cool down quickly which is wonderful benefit for Houston hot and humid climate. One of the disadvantages is that aluminum metal roofs are not a Class A fire resistant like most metal roof unless you add a fire barrier which can run an addition $2000.00 but is worth the cost considering most aluminum metal roofs have an average life span of 50 years as long as you properly maintain the roof.

Copper Metal Roof: One of the most attractive metal roofs makes this a great choice for a Houston home as it will increase your resale value much like an aluminum metal roof these roofs are made to last so you will not be having to replace your roof for a few centuries. Copper metal roofs are extremely fire resistant as well as they detour hail and mildew.

Corrugated Metal Roof: if you are looking for a roof that is virtually leak proof, can accommodate a modern style home and comes with many metal color choices to choose from this roof may e idea for you and like all metal roofs they are built Texas tough to weather storms and age.

Benefits of a Residential Metal Roof

If you had one sentence to sum up why mental roofs are a good option for your Houston home, it would be “Beautiful, fire resistant, energy efficient roof with guaranteed performance” says Tim a Houston roofing contractor with EDR Roofing. One of the reasons these roofs have been vastly overlooked as a choice in replacement roofing is due to the fact that when metal roofs first hit the Houston market roofing contactors installed these roofs with only a thin wooden purlin that did no good in silencing the sound of rain. While many homeowners may love the sound of the pouring rain hitting a tin roof- do not believe me google you tube and you can hear a 10-hour soundtrack to sooth you to sleep but if you would prefer not to hear noise then no worries, this is preventable. With the advancement of the roofing industry today’s Houston roofing contactors who install metal roof panel and apply a sheet of plywood or roofing deck that lays over the trusses to block out the noise and make these roofs as quiet as a traditional asphalt roof to get you through Houston rainy season noise free. Other benefits that you can expect when choosing a metal roof are:

· Class A Fire Resistance

· Energy Efficient

· Structural Integrity

· 30 + Metal Roofing Color Options

· Wind and Hail Resistant

· Mold and Mildew Resistant

The Cost of a Metal Roof in Houston?

The cost depends on the type of metal roof you want the Houston roofing contractor to install. Some metal roofs such as corrugated can actually cost less than the classic asphalt shingle roof however where the higher ticket comes from is the accessories that a metal roof needs such as screws, flashing, and ridge caps. Again, depending on which type of metal you choose you can expect to pay somewhere in the neighborhood of $8.00 to $16.00 per square foot for a standing seam metal roof including materials and labor and between $10.00 and $12.00 for a granular coated metal roof. Granular coated is what allow these roofs to be protected from the UV rays. While you may pay a little less for an asphalt shingle roof then you would a standing seam metal roof the superior quality and lifetime expectancy makes these roofs far more valuable and if you do decide to sale can increase your Harris County property value.

Let Our Houston Roofing Contractor Install Your Metal Roof

If you are considering having a new roof installed or need a replacement roof look no further than the guys over at EDR Roofing of Houston, with over a decade of installing metal roofs they have a long list of happy customers, and a great reputation around Houston, Richmond, Baytown, and Humble TX. EDR Roofing offers the highest quality of roof at the lowest price and if you have an insurance claim can help take off the stress by managing the claim on your behalf. In addition, they offer unmatched warranties, superior custom service, and as certified Houston roofing contractors unparalleled craftmanship. For your free quote contact them on the web or give the, a call 24/7 at 832-791-9060

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