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There are many roofing contractors who work hard to provide their customers proper roof repairs and replacement roofs for their home or commercial building. However, there are some Pearland roofing companies who cut corners and don’t pay much to attention to details to move onto the next job or perhaps they just lack the right skillset to install a quality roof, in either case most homeowners do not find out until its too late. The average person does not know what to look for or how to carefully examine the roofing contractors work to know if they did a good job. As one of the leading Pearland roofing companies let us share how to carefully inspect their work before signing off on a job well done. Extra Layers If you recently had your roof inspected because of constantly leaking or old age the inspector may tell you that your roof is beyond repairs and it’s time for a new roof. Hearing this is a shock to many homeowners as a roof replacement is not cheap regardless of which Pearland roofing company you choose. However, you do not want a roofer to cut corners by adding another layer if the roof already has two layers. You may be under the impression that your local roofing company is going to come out, remove the old shingles, and start fresh. Unless you ask for clarification and a contract you can find yourself on the day of your roof replacement shocked when the roofers you hired show up only to lay new shingles over the old ones. While you can do this once you more than two layers of shingles is not recommended due to the unnecessary weight which makes the roof harder to maintain. The best way to avoid these issues is to work with a reputable Pearland roofing company, ask the right questions and don’t just take the word at face value, make sure its written into the contract. Drip Edge One of the reason many roofs end up needing repairs due to water damages is the improper installation of drip edges that leads to significant issues. Drip edges are so important that most building codes throughout Houston require drip edges regardless of which style of roof you decide on. A drip edge is to prevent rain from going underneath the components of your roof such as your fascia boards which can lead to wood rot and mold. Check to make sure the shingles overhang the drip edge by ¼ to ¾ inch and that your gutters are placed behind them If the gutters are below this can lead to damaging the wood that supports your gutters. There Are No Substitutes For Flashing If the Pearland roofing company, you hire tries to cut corners by substituting flashing for caulk or roof cement this is a no-go. With the amount of rain that we have in our gulf region you must have flashed to withstand the amount of water we have during rainy season, or your roof can leak. Flashing that is either copper or metal should be placed around vent pipes, chimneys, and anywhere there is a protrusion. The flashing will go under the roofs shingles not on top. You also need what is called kick out flashing in areas where the roof and walls connect, or water can run down the walls and into your attic. When a local roofing company does not install this type of flashing it can cause the window seals and door frame that are wooden to become rotted. Its imperative to work with a roofer who has skills and experience to ensure you have a high-quality roof and the right flashing. If your vent pipes have deteriorated this is a good time to replace them. Chimney Cricket or Saddle If you have a chimney that sits on a slope in your roof or of your chimney is wider than 30 inches, then you want a chimney saddle to prevent water from pooling and causing damages to the chimneys bricks or mortar which can lead to a hefty water mitigation bill. Underlayment The underlayment of a roof is sandwiched between the shingles and roofing deck that is generally a thin piece of plywood which is why it needs an extra layer of protection against the outside elements. There are two types of underpayments flat or synthetic, we won’t cover all the benefits of each one, but your Pearland roofing company should suggest an underlayment that hits the style of your home and your budget. Sufficient Nails In our area you want to make sure that your shingles stay secure against tropical winds and storms by using six nails for each shingle they install. The nails should also not be exposed as they can become rusty or during a storm the shingle an become loose and blow off. Each nail should be at least 2 inches in length and either an 11 or 12 gage. Installation This is generally the only consideration homeowners consider when they think of having a new roof installed but as you can see this is just one of the components to ensuring you have a quality roof for your home or commercial building. The first thing you want to inspect is that your shingle has the proper overhang to increase the roofs lifespan and that the shingles are aligned currently, or it can ruin the aesthetic appearance of your roof and lead to premature roof repairs due to leaks. Make sure they use a quality shingle like Owens Corning or CertainTeed. The lifespan of your roof has a lot to do with the products that are installed. On average a quality asphalt shingle roof should last a homeowner 15 to 25 years. Visual Appeal A roof should not only be safe and functional, but it should be beautiful and compliment your home. The Pearland roofing company you hire should have an eye for design and know which colors and materials will compliment your home. Make sure to ask for samples, color pallets, and listen to their suggestions so you make the most informed choice. You also want to make sure the local roofer you hire doesn’t leave grime or footprints. While they are working on the roof they should avoid walking on a roof as much as possible. They should leave your home better than they found it by cleaning up after themselves, discarding of everything properly and offering good old fashion customer service.

What To Do After Choosing A Local Roofer

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After your roof is replaced go outside with a set of binoculars and look at the roof from the ground using this checklist as your guide. If you notice things do not look, right ask for a second opinion, many roofing companies in Pearland offer free roof inspections. Make sure they adhere to their warranty and fix any issues sooner rather than later.

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Looking for a Pearland Roofing Company? EDR Roofing has been offering roof repairs and replacement roofs to homeowners and commercial properties in Pearland, Conroe, Stafford, Katy, and the greater Houston area for over a decade. Our insured and master shingle specialist take the time to ensure you have a roof that is top notch and if your roof has been damaged in a recent storm, we can work with you to manage an insurance claim. To schedule a free roofing inspection, give your local roofers a call today or visit us online to learn more.

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