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How To Stay Within Budget If You Need A Roof Replaced in Katy

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Let’s face it replacing a roof is a big job and a huge expense, if your roof was damaged in a storm thankfully there is insurance to soften the blow but if you are if you are paying out of pocket for a new roof this is going to require planning, perhaps financing and a Katy roofing company who can help you get the most bang for your bucks because if your not careful the cost can easily spiral out of control. Today our Katy roofing company Elite Disaster Recover (EDR) will share with you how to make sure you have the right roof for the right price.

5 Tips From Our Katy Roofing Company To Avoid Blowing Your Budget

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1. Don’t Replace Your Roof During an Emergency

Your roof is a critical component of your home yet its often overlook unit it becomes damaged during a storm, and you have water seeping inside of your home due to a leak that can’t be avoided. In some cases, your roof may simply need repairs but if you have neglected your roof or it has reached the end of its lifecycle a roof replacement maybe necessary and here is what comes as a surprise to many local residents, if you neglected your roof its going to be a battle when you need to file an insurance claim because no insurance wants to even spend if they don’t have to. Instead, the best time to replace you roof is when you have the time to plan for it in advance. When you plan for it you wont have to settle on style, shape, or color but can get the roof you want and you will have time to collect a few quotes from Katy roofing companies because you wont be scrambling to protect your home. When you get to choose your roofing contractor you can red their reviews, drive by other homes where they have installed roof and compare the quality and verify that they are the right roofer for the job.

2. Get a Free Estimate

Most roofing inspections are free of charge so call a local roofing company and invite them out to inspect our roof then take notes, make sure all the Katy roofing companies you call say the say thing because maybe you could get by with just roof repairs. Also make sure they provide the same measurements; you will be surprised how much you spend extra when the measurement is off by just 50 feet. Keep in mind that the price may change between the time the estimate was provided and the time the work is done but at least you are now armed with a general idea of what you are going to need to spend

3. Create a Budget

Once you have a price add 10% to the total to account for unforeseeable cost like inflation and the crunch the numbers. If your new asphalt roof is going to cost $8,000 and you’re going to have to replace it next spring, then you need to save $1000 a month over the next 8 months so think about where you can cut back so that doesn’t sting of course the longer you have to save for a roof replacement the better. You may also consider if the interest rates are low enough and your credit is decent having your new roof financed but create a budget so at least you can start now and make a larger down payment.

4. Stick to your budget

Many people like myself buy on impulse but this is the quickest way to overspend and blow your budget. If you chose an asphalt shingle roof and then suddenly decide you want a standing seam metal roof you may want to consider where that money is going to come from or if you chose a grey roof and had your Katy roofing company order the materials and then decide you would rather have a midnight blue roof you are going to pay more because now you have made alteration and any alteration including those your Katy roofing company didn’t plan for can occur so save yourself some breathing room and stick to the budget.

# 5 Plan For The Unexpected

While most roofing companies in Katy like EDR Roofing can install a roof in one or two days to expect the unexpected shows modern intelligence. What happens if on the day your roofers get started a thunderstorm or flash flood occurs or if the project takes longer than expected and you need to pay for a couple of extra nights in a hotel while your roof is being replaced? Its always better to plan for such things and be pleasantly surprised when you have money left over then to be sourly disappointed when you are paying more than expected.

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If you’re a homeowners in the Katy area looking for a roofing company because you are ready to start planning then give Elite Disaster Recovery (EDR) a call today. We offer same day and next day roofing inspections and fast, reliable service at competitive prices. In addition to providing roof replacements we also repair roofs in Houston, Richmond, and Pearland.

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