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Katy Roofing Warranty 101

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If you are in the market to replace or install a new roof, then before you are choosing a Katy roofing company you want to understand the quality of the product they are using and hat type of warranty you are being provided. Many homeowners make the mistake of thinking the only choice they need to make is rather they want an asphalt shingle roof or a standing seam metal roof, but this is only the start. Sure, choosing the type of materials is important but once you choose there are other factors to consider. Is the Katy roofing company installing your new roof using a retail or premium grade of shingles and who is the manufacture? Any reputable manufacture will issue a basic warranty but what does the warranty entail? To understand your Katy roofing warranty, we are going to spend the next month understanding the five key elements of your Katy roofing warranty including:

· Why your roof warranty matters

· The three basic types of warranties

· What to do protect your warranty

· How to deal with an insurance claim

· What happens if your insurance claim is denied?

Why Your Katy Roofing Warranty Matters

If you choose a Katy roofing company that uses subpar materials with only a basic warranty you can be jeopardizing your financial future. The cost of a new roof depending on the type of material you choose can be anywhere form a couple thousand dollars to some serious cash, either way having to replace a roof is something you do not want the nightmare of having to do without a generous warranty and you can’t always rely on your insurance to cover it. While most policies cover the cost of having your roof replaced due to an act of God, matters outside your control such as weather if the roof is having to be replaced because of improper installation, lack of maintenance, or just plain wear and tear most homeowner policies will not pick up the tab but pass the buck right back to you, however we are jumping ahead so let’s get to that in a moment. The bottom line is you want to ensure that you warranty last as long as your roof does this is why you want the maximum warranty you can have. How do you know you are receiving the best warranty possible?

Three Types of Roofing Warranties

Manufactures: Each Katy roofing company installs asphalt shingle roofs after all it’s the most requested roof on the market partially because of the affordable price tag but some Katy roofing companies use retail grade shingles while others choose industry leading products. Its common for every manufacture to offer some type of material coverage so that if their product is defective there is no cost to the homeowner or business to replace it. When you work with a roofing company in Katy one of the first things you want to ask during the initial consolation is who they use and then do a little research to determine what the manufacturer’s warranty includes before you agree to have them replace or install your roof. Most of the manufactures will provide a warranty page on their website. At EDR Roofing we rely on CertainTeed. This means your roof is covered from the day we install it until the homeowner sales it. As such they will repair, replace, or offer to have the roof professional cleaned defective shingles.

Contractors Warranty: When you’re looking for a Katy roofing company chances are your going to choose the best one you can find but if you really want one that’s worth their weight in gold, they will stand behind the quality of their crews workmanship. If they make a mistake, do you really want to be the one to foot the bill? Exactly! Make sure the Katy roofing company offers to cover the cost of faulty installation by paying for labor and materials or damages done if the roof fails. Can you imagine the issues that can happen if a roof collapses in the middle or a torrential downpour leaving your valuables jeopardized or having to fork off serious cash to call a water mitigation company? If the roofing company in Katy your working with does not keep you protected, find a company who will.

Extended Manufacturer’s Warranty

Most premier manufactures will offer some type of enhanced warranty that covers issues the standard warranty does not because they understand that a roof is an expensive cost to incur out of pocket. These items may include:

Underlayment: This is generally plywood that’s between the shingle and sheeting that adds a second barrier from rain however in our rainy climate it’s not uncommon to deal with wood rot.

Hip and Ridge Cap: This is where the beauty of the roof is and yet it can be susceptible when dealing with our tropical storm winds if the Katy roofing company did not nail it properly the shingles can blow off, cup, curl, or loose their protective granules that provides a defense against our harsh UV rays.

Soffit and Ridge Vents: If a roof is mot properly ventilated there can be big issues including mold and mildew which impacts your shingles.

Most of the leading manufactures will cover these type of problems including the labor cost for repairs or to replace the roof ad well as workmanship. This is a warranty worth having! Make sure before having a roof replaced or installed to check into the manufactures extended warranty so you understand what all is included.

Make sure to check out next weeks blog on how out protect your warranty. If you have any questions before then give us a call and we will be happy to walk you through the entire proves from A to Z.

Looking For A Katy Roofing Company?

If you are in the market to replace or install a roof, look no further than EDR roofing. We offer a lifetime warranty on all our roofs and a free estimate where we sit down with you to discuss the types of materials and the craftmanship you can expect when choosing us as your Katy roofing company. Our consolations are free of charge, and we are standing by 24 hours a day, 7 days a week so call us anytime night or day. Not only do we replace and install roofs, but we also repair them and offer free tarping services to keep you dry during the storms. Ro schedule your free estimate please call 832-791-9060 or visit us online.

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