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Questions To Ask A Roofing Contractor

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One of the most important decisions you will face when you need a roof repaired or replaced in Katy is which roofing contractor your should choose because regardless of rather or not your choose a asphalt, metals, or clay tile roof if you have the wrong team for the job you can toss away a lot more than just money, you can leave your home and family vulnerable. In 2020 there were over 53,000 reports filed against roofing contractors with the Better Business Bureau. A large part of the reason is because roofing contractors in Katy and the greater Houston area is not regulated, that means they are allowed to repair or replace a roof without a licenses or insurance- pretty scary thought when you consider that a roof is one of the most beneficial components of your home and consequently one f the most expensive. This is why we recently sat down with a few friends needing to replace their roof and discussed with them how to evaluate roofing contractors since we do not work in Alaska, no thanks we can take the heat but not the cold. We decided to share our list of thirteen general questions that will help you choose the right team for your roof replacement in Katy.

The first thing we share is that you should not be afraid to ask questions, if you are talking to any contractor rather a roofer or a home builder, they should not dodge your questions. If the roofer backs away from answering your questions, back away from them and find someone who communicates transparently.

13 general questions to ask a Katy roofing contractor during your roof inspection

1. When did you open your company and who owns it?

2. Are you insured?

3. Does your company hold any certifications?

4. Do you have refences I can speak with?

5. Are your roofers local to Katy or do you use subcontractors?

6. What training and experience does the crew have?

7. When can you schedule the job and how long does it take to install a new roof?

8. Do you provide me a contract?

9. Are there any permits necessary and who will obtain them?

10. Can you help me manage my insurance claim?

11. What warranty does my new roof come with?

12. What are the qualities of the shingles your installing?

13. What steps do you take to ensure the safety of your roofing contractors, my Katy home, and family?

Essentially, you’re wanting to make sure the business is legitimate not a fly by the night storm chaser who is here today and gone tomorrow with your money and your stuck with a shoddy roof. You also want to take the time to check out their work or at least call other people whom the roofing contactor has done work for in Katy. The roofer should be fully insured this means they also have workers compensation insurance because if someone falls off and they are not insured this means you can be liable. Always make sure everything they promise, or guarantee is in writing so if this ends up in court your covered and can be compensated. If there is any permits to be obtained make sure the roofing company does all the work this also means they manage your insurance claim and last but not least check them online to make sure if there is any negative reviews they can explain them to you before you end up loosing thousands of dollars in having to have a new roof to replace the one you just paid for.

Once they have passed this round of questions you want to drill in about your roofs you know precisely how thy will be handling your project and hat you can expect from them.

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Specific Question To Ask About Your Roofing Project

How will you access my roof? In addition to your roof, you also have gutters, siding and possibly windows that need to be protected so you want to make sure there planning to access it from the sides so that your gutters are not scratched and that the ladder rest on the eves and doesn’t rake up against your siding.

Will you remove the roofing shingles or lay shingles on top of ither shingles? While its okay to lay new shingles on top of old shingles, if that’s their game plan you want to know how much they’ll be shaving off the price

Will you have a dumpster on site and clean up before your going to leave? This may not seem important until you pop a new tire running over a nail or you have shingles laying all over your yard. Not only do you want them to have a dumpster but a porter potty because you don’t want them tracking dirt into your home.

What will they do if it starts to rain? Working on a slippery wet roof is dangerous and with the amount of rain we have in Katy sometimes without notice you want to make sure the roofing contractor will tarp off the area to secure it so you’re not left with water damages to the interior of your home.

Does the roof have a warranty and what all does it cover? Remember to make sure they provide this documentation in the form of a contract and that you sign off and so does the roofing company so if push comes to shove you have teeth to recoup your losses.

Who is over the project and how can you reach them? Generally, you want one point of contact including the name first and last, their phone number, email, and business location. You want this person to be readily available if you should have any questions. Very few roofing contractors in Katy offer 24 hour a day service which means that without this if a storm comes and you need help your SOL.

How is payment handled? If a roofing contractor in Katy, ask that you pay upfront this is not the person for you regardless of what story they try to tell you. You don’t want to pay and they disappear before the project starts. We know of one local roofing company who came here from Dallas, rebranded and relaunched having stolen over $100,000 the best way to safeguard your assets is never to pay until the job is complete. You also want to know if the company has financing in place because if your paying for a new roof out of pocket this is going to cost you between $7,000 and $20,000 depending on what type of roofing material you are using.

Does the price quoted include everything? You want to make sure the price is fair, upfront and in writing, so they do not come back saying that it cost more than they expected. You also want to inquire if your replacement roof comes with any utility rebates or tax credits.

One Final Tip For Choosing The Right Roofing Contractor?

Why does my roof need to be replaced? Since many homeowners do not get on their roof how do you know if your roof truly has the severity of the damages that says you need a replacement roof? This is why you want to get at least one of not two other roofing companies in Katy to send out a roofing contractor so that you know if the company is being on the up and up. Most local roofing companies offer free inspections so while it can be a hassle having to collect and meet with a for Katy roofers its going to be far more of a hassle if you pick the wrong team. If your in the Katy area, Missouri City, Sugar Land, or anywhere in the greater Houston area and need a roof or roof repairs give our roofing company a call or visit us online.


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