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The Most Dependable Roofing Style

No matter where you live in the greater Houston area there is one thing you can be sure of during spring and summer…you will be affected by a severe storm rather that is a heatwave, hail storm, high winds, tropical storm, or torrential downpour. One of the things you can do as a homeowner is to prepare for the storm season that is to come.

In Houston, we deal with temperamental weather and as they pass, they leave behind wreckage and debris from fallen tree limbs to shingles laying in the yard that wasn’t secure when the wind speed picked up. In our hear its essential to have a tough roofing system to defend your household. If you are in the market to purchase a home it may be wise to know which type of work works best after all having to replace a roof or do roof repairs in Houston is not the most affordable home repair you want to be faced with, not to mention the water damages it can lave you with if your roof starts to leak during the next rain shower.

Two Types of Roof Designs

If you have ever driven around your neighborhood in Pecan grove or Aliana, you will notice there are two roof designs, one is called a hip roof style that is sloped downwards on all four sides along the side of the brick. Each side is the same in length and then comes together at the top to form your roofs ride. The other roof style is gable roof design. The gable roof slopes in the opposite direction and often delivers a higher roof pitch. While you may choose which you prefer based upon their aesthetic features, there is more than looks to consider when choosing between a hip roof and a gable roof.

<img src="yellow roof.png" alt="hip roof style and a gable roof style">
Hip Roofs Vs Gable Roofs- Which is Best For Your Houston Home?

Hip Roof Advantages

The primary purpose of your roof is to defend your home structure and those inside of it from weather like rain, wind, and hail. The slope of your roof is to allow rainwater to run off the roof and into your gutter system to protect your homes foundation. When water stands on the roof for longer than 48 hours following a downpour it can lead to roof leaks and other property damages while also decreasing your roof lifecycle. With hip roof styles one of the advantages is that its more resistant to high winds and storms and due to the inward design, it makes these roofs sturdier and more dependable. Another advantage for Houstonians who choose to replace their roof with a hip style is the extra space they provide when a dormers crow nest is added to a hip roof this can act as a storage unit for seasonal items from clothing to holiday décor or turn it into a nice reading nook, to learn how to use your dormer crow nest check out this great read

The Disadvantage of a Hip Roof Design

The disadvantage is due to the complexity of hip roof designs and construction requirements to replace the roofs is more costly than it is to install a gable roof, also due to the numerous seams its more prone to have roof leaks around the sidewall and dormers. With Houston rainy climate this can be a real drawback, but there are two ways to ensure that your roof has the best chance possible withstanding the storm. One way is to have a pitch that is approximately angled 4/12-6/12. The most important way is to make sure that your roof was professionally installed by the right Houston roofing company who understands how to build a roof for our climate and a roofing company that uses quality materials. If the hip roof end walls of a dormer are not properly flashed and the roof system is not maintained minor roof repairs can escalate into major roofing issues quickly.

Variations of Hip Roofs

To further complicate the process of choosing a hip roof or a gable roof, not all hip roofs are designed the same way making choosing the best hip roof for your Houston home a overwhelming process, there are five main variation f hip roofs, here is a little information about each, If you would like more information about hip roofs or how to choose the right roof for your home contact Houston local roofing company EDR Roofing.

Simple Hip Roof: The name says it all, making them a preferred choice that has two polygon sides and two triangular sides that create a edge over the side of your roof.

Pavilion Roof: This is a squared roof where the roofs sides join together to form one roof peak that is shaped like a pyramid which is why there often referred to as a pyramid hip roof.

Mansard Roof: This type of hip roof is constructed with two different sloping angles, one that is higher or steeper than the other.

Half Hip Roof: If you are struggling to choose between the advanced of a hip and gable roof, this may be the right choice for your roof replacement in Houston as you get a little of the benefits from both types. The gable roof there the end of the gable reaches has a small hip roof sections constructed to provide a slope towards the roof ride. These roofs are also referred to as a clipped gable or jerkins head roof.

Dutch Gable Roof: If you do not want the gable at the end you can also have a Dutch gable roof that has the small gable on the upper portion of the roof. These roofs are great for Houston roofs because they can provide that storage space and allow our natural sunlight to shine in by adding a window which also allows for more ventilation to keep those second story rooms cooler in the summertime, reducing your heating and cooling cost.

Tented Roof: You often see these roof designed as the churches steeples; the design of a Dutch gable is very steeply. Ever wondered as to why churches use such as steep roof, well it was to point towards the heave and believed to protect church goers from evil spirits. While you see these in many older buildings, they are rarely used in modern day construction.

Hip Roof Suggested Materials: These roofs are commonly asphalt roofs or too increase these durability from Houston often sever weather high impact roofing shingles. You can also have hip roofs constructed of metal, slate, or clay tile roofs. While clay tile roofs are more expensive as opposed to asphalt shingle roofs they also are far more trustworthy due to their residence to wind and fire protection. Inside the underlayment of a clay tile roof is small air pockets that are invisible to the untrained eye, but they will insulate your home during the Houston heatwaves as they transfer the hot air from your homes attic.

Now that you have a better understanding of the design, advantages and types of hip roofs lets cover the second option you have for your Houston roof replacement

Gable Style Roofs Advantages

This simple style of roof is easier to construct as there are not as many intricate details that go into the style and design of gable style roofs which is great for homeowners looking to save money on their roof replacement. Like the hip roof the gable roof has available space underneath the roof, in fact its more spacious than the area a hip roof provides so if you are looking to add an additional upstairs bathroom or a playroom this may be a great roof and with the extra savings you can have your roof and the addition space too. Gable roofs also shed water more easily so you won’t have that standing water come rainy season in Houston as the steeper pith of the gable roof provides water drainage and as result this also means less money spent on roof repairs to fix leaks. The steeper pitch of the gable roof also allows for proper roof and attic ventilation to again drive down the usage of your ac bill during the summer months.

The Disadvantages of a Gable Style Roof

While there are many advantages this roof for heavy rain the drawl back is gable style roofs are not good with high winds, tropical storm or or hurricane prone areas, so if your closer to the gulf such as our customers in Galveston County, Dickenson, Friendswood, La Marque, League City, and Texas City roofs, then we recommend a hip style roof or your roof material may be ripped away especially if there is too much of a overhang or if the Houston company who installed the roof does not build a sturdy frame and weather conditions are right the roof may even collapse or cave in leading to extensive water damages. When you are working with a Houston roof company you always want to ask probing questions such as how they will build the frame of your roof to ensure you have adequate support should your home face a hurricane or high winds.

A side note worth mentioning: If you are in a storm prone area and you are having a gable style roof, any roof for that matter where you are using asphalt shingles you should consider an investment in high impact shingles, they are a worthwhile investment as they are a class 4 product that is crafted to withstand high winds and severe weather without damages. High impact shingles can be built of copper, aluminum, resin or plastic materials that makes them superior to traditional asphalt shingle roof and when you are having a roof replaced, this is something you only want to endure this home improvement once in your lifetime.

Variation of Gable Roofs

Unlike the multiple variation of a hip roof, gable roofs only have two choices which makes choosing a roof replacement for your Houston home much less stressful.

Side Gable Roof: This roof is constructed of two panels that are equal in length and pitched at the angle where they align which is generally the top or it may meet in the middle where it forms a triangle. The section of the gable roof can be left open, or you if you don’t mind the look of a boxed gable roof they can be enclosed.

Crossed Gable: This roof has two ridges that have a 90-degree angle or are perpendicular to each other so that your roof has either a cross shape, hence the name or it may form a T or L shape. If you have a floor plan that has sloping side ends in a wall that is shorten than the wall itself then you likely will need a cross style gable roof. The main difference between the side and crossed gable roof is where the roof slants and what type of walls you have will determine which roof replacement is right for your Houston home.

Replace Your Roof Once & Make It Last

The best way to ensure you only have to deal with one roof replacement and minimal storm damages to your roof is to have the best roof designed for our Houston weather. We have some of the craziest weather on the planet from high winds to heavy rain, hail storm, and every few years a hurricane makes landfall causing mass destruction. When your trying to choose the best roof for your home, consult a Houston roofing company to come inspect your roof, explain the options based upon your home and its location so that you can make the most informed choice instead of simply choosing the roof you want based upon style and design. For more information about gable style roofs or hip roofs and roofing material or to ask questions give EDR Roofing a call today. EDR Roofing has over a decade of experience providing roofs all across greater Houston including Cypress, Richmond, Katy, and into Bryan- College Station. Our appointments are easy to make and we offer same day and next day roof repairs if a recent storm left your roof damaged give us a call 24 hours a day.

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