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Three Common Pest That May Damage Your Humble Roof and How To Prevent It!

Some of the most visible wildlife and pest can move into your home, rent unpaid causing significant roof damages, says owner of a Humble roofing company Tom Moncrief. Here is a lost of the most common pest we find that invade your home. some of the roofing damages they create and what you can do to prevent it.

Birds: While many homeowners enjoy birds and to create a more welcoming environment by leaving out bird seed and bird baths to create a more welcoming environment, but birds can create quiet a nuisance for homeowners. The first issue is birds have acidic droppings that can cause damages to your shingles. The second and more prevalent issue is when birds choose your gutters to make their nest. If you notice nest in your gutter contact a Humble roofing company to remove the nest as they can create gutter issues and are a fire hazard. Birds nest can not only cause water leaks but can block the air flow into your attic and chimney.

One of the best ways to prevent birds from making a nest in your gutters is using gutter covers, furthermore they protect your roof from water damages while allowing you to go longer in between frequent cleanings.

Squirrels: One of the top roof problems from rodents is due to squirrels. These pest can peel up your roofs shingles and nibble into the decking or rip holes into your sift and fascia boards, where if there is an unprotected gap, they can also make their way into the interior of your home this is why its essential that you prevent squirrel damages to your roof by installing a drip edge. Another way to protect your roof from squirrels is to keep your trees trimmed. A good distance is between the trees and your roof is eight feet. These steps can also protect your roof from other pest including mice and rats.

Insects: From termites to bees and ants, all can impact the lifespan of your roof and leave you sending money on roof repairs to your Humble home. Roofs are your line of defense against rain and moisture and with termites and ants feasting on the wood they can weaken the structure beneath the roof and loosen your shingles or the granules on the shingle which are there to protect your roof from UV rays.

The easiest and best solution is to ensure the Humble roofing company uses pressure treated wood, if you already have preexisting wood then make sure to add a wood sealer that will not only prevent water damage but insets which are repelled by it such as termites and carpenter ants.

Prevent Roof Damage To Your Humble TX Home

Here are a few other tips from our Humble roofing company that can prevent pest damages:

1. Having your roof professionally soft washed.

2. Repair any holes or missing shingles as soon as you notice them

3. Have an annual inspect by a Humble roofing company

Contact The Best Humble Roofing Company For A Free Inspection

If you are looking for a roofing company in Humble that offers free roof inspections, look no further then EDR Roofing. We have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau and a 5-star Google rating from customers just like you who have used us to provide roof replacements and repairs. Here are just a few advantages to choosing us:

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5. Free inspections and we will match any competitors pricing using the same quality of products.

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