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Three Common Reason For Katy Residents To Need Roof Leaks Repairs

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Need A Katy Roof Company To Stop Water Leaks? Call EDR!

As a homeowner its essential that you do your part to help your roof stay in tip-top shape but over the years as your roof ages some roof leaks are inevitable. Spoiler Alert: Roof repairs are a part of being a Katy homeowner. While we hate to be the barrier of bad news, as the leading Katy roofing company we can tell you the areas that are most susceptible to leak and how to prolong the inevitable. Keep reading and together we will weather the storms.

For starters the basic area where the majority of leas occur are your skylights, vent pipes, and chimneys. I this all sounds like foreign languages.

Skylights: This is those lovely rooftop window that we all love to lay under to see the starts shine big and break. While they do reduce your energy cost as they allow the heat to escape and keep your home cozy throughout the chilly winter nights, they are also one of the area where water can seep into your home.

Sign Your Needs Your Sky Lights Repairs:

  • Do you have water damage?

  • Can you hear the wind whistling or feel a draft?

  • Does the glass pane of your skylight have cracks?

Why Do Skylights Leak?

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There are a few reasons why you maybe having water seep through your window but most often it s because the Katy roofing company who installed them did a subpar job. Whatever the reason is if you notice any of these signs its important to have your skylight inspected who can troubleshoot and find the issue to prevent further water damages. The good news about skylights is they can generally be fixed for a fair price.

Vent Pipes: Much like sewer pipe these vents make sure the air moves around so that gases leave the interior through your roof. Not only does it allow sewer gas out, but it allows oxygen to break down. One sign of a sure problem is if your home is smelling like sewer.

Damaged Roof Top Vent Pipes:

  • Are your drains leaking?

  • Do you have water in your attic after a rainstorm?

  • Has debris collected around your vent pipes?

Chimney: If you expect Santa to come sliding down the chimney then you had better make sure if you have any chimney leaks you repair them this fall, and if you want your chimney or roof light up with twinkling light then contact Katy best holiday decorators

Sign Your Chimney needs repairs

  • Are your bricks turning white or stained from efflorescence?

  • Is their rust on your firebox or damper?

  • Have the mortar joints deteriorated?

A chimney leak can be a minor inconvenience that many do it yourselfer can repair or if you feel the task, it too much to handle you may want to rely on a Katy roofing company, whatever route you choose make sure not to procrastinate. Chimney leaks can carry into the attic and ceiling lead to extensive drywall and wood rot damages. If you want to test your roofs flashing for leaks on a clear day, take your garden hose to the area where your roof and chimney meet leave the water running for a couple of minutes then check for signs of water

Repairing Roof Leaking Around a Vent Pipe

If you need a temporary solution to repair your pipes, then you can use caulking, but this will only put a band aid over the wound. If you have leaked its always best to contact a local roofing company near you to determine the best way to proceed, usually replacing the, is the best solution to this issue. If your having new ones installed make sure they use rubber washed screws and caulking.

Time To Call A Katy Roofing Company!

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If you notice any of these signs or other, then to give Elite Disaster Recovery a call. We have been Katy leading roof company since 2007 and have the experience to repair your roof or handle any types of roof problem your aced with, so the rain stays out and your home stays dry. We provide free roof inspections, and our team is trained, certified, and insured. Contact us online or call us anytime day or night, we are open 24 hours a day-365-day a year to assist with roof leak repairs.

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