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Guarantee A Longer-Lasting Roof with  

Proper Roof Ventilation

For ventilation options for a new or existing roof in Houston, TX, call us today!

One of the most common issues and consequently the most misunderstand components of your roofing system is proper roof ventilation. Often, we think first of the visible parts of our roof such as the shingles or tiles but if you are having a new roof installed or problems with your exiting roof it may be from lack of ventilation. In Houston attics get extremely hot and needs adequate airflow under the roofs surface. When hot air is not able to circulate due to improper roof ventilation it will conduct air inside the home making the home less than comfortable especially in summer time and can also cause your roofs to encounter issues such as:

          Rapid Shingle Deterioration


          Loss of Energy Efficiency


          Curling Shingles


        Mold and Mildew Build Up


        Wood Rot & Insect Damages


        Delaminating Roof Sheeting’s


        Peeling Paint & Rusty Nails

Popular Roofing Materials

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Is Your Roof leaking? It Could Be The Ridge Vent!

Types of Roof Ventilation


The best way to solve these issues is by allowing your roof to breath. There are two types of air vents that are critical for your roofing system, a soffit vent that allows outside air to enter the roof cavity and the ridge vent that allows air to properly exit the roof cavity. Having only one of these vents is the same as having no vent at all and can cause substantial damage to your roof.


Soffit Vents: As these names suggest this vent is installed in grilles that run the length of each soffit. They work with the ridge and gables of your system to provide adequate air flow as they admit outside air into your attic and allow warm air to leave the higher vents. These higher vents are called ridge vents.


Ridge Vents: The most important vent in any non -electric roof ventilation system is the ridge vent. This vent allows the hot air trapped inside the attic to rise and pass outside while drawing in fresh air through the soffit vents. On an asphalt shingle roof, ridge vents can be hidden by laying a layer of shingles on top of the vent.

We offer various sizes and brands of vents for different roofing materials. Schedule your free roof inspection to ensure you have adequate roof vents to keep you cooler before Houston summer arrives that can drive attic temperatures to over 150 degrees.

To lower your cooling bill and extend the life of your roofs

Call Elite Disaster Recovery-EDR Roofing today


to schedule your roof evaluation or roof repairs, installation or roof replacement in Houston, TX.

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Houston Best Roof Ventilation Options

At EDR Roofing, our team offers quality roof ventilation service everywhere in Harris and Fort Bend County. Our certified and licensed master roofers can install a variety of ventilation makes and models for your residential or commercial roofing system, and we offer industry- leading warranties and labor guarantees. 

When you choose us as your roofing contractor, you can expect:

       Same-day service

        Fair pricing


         Insurance Claim Assistance


         Convenient scheduling


       No mess left behind.

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Roof Repairs

Do you have roof leaks it may be due to the ventilation system of your roof an that we can fix, in fact we offer a variety of roof repairs in Bryan TX, Galveston, Austin and San Antnio- Call NOW!

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When you need a quuality roof look no where else, we have you covered and will beat any competitors price. For Rof Replacement in Austin, San Antonio, Galveston or Houston give us a call today 

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If your in the Houston, Galveston, Austin or San Antonio are storm damage roof

assistance is just a phone call away, we will get the ball started with a free assessment 

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