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24 Hour Roofing Company Serving Stafford TX

Don’t let a storm leave you with a roofing emergency that damages the integrity of your home! EDR Roofing Company is available to Stafford homeowners 24/7.

No matter how old your roof is, it's up to you to take care of it. There are many different components throughout your house that keep your household safe, but few compared to your roof. While small roof repairs such as a water leak or a missing shingle can be a nuisance, major roofing issues can cause serious damage to your property. At Elite Disaster Recover, LLC we specialize in storm damage roof repairs big and small and if you need a roof replacement then as your Stafford roofing company of choice, we take the time to learn about your needs to find the idea roof for your home and budget. And were always available- so when you need us day or night- we’ll be there for you and your family.


Other areas we serve in Fort Bend include Richmond, Sugar Land , Katy, Fulshear, and Missouri City

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We’re proud of our 5 Star customer reviews. Have a look and then give us a call for a free roof inspection or to schedule roof repairs in Stafford. .

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Storm Damage Roof repairs in Stafford TX

Severe wind, rain, and hail storms are frequent in Stafford TX, and have the potential to damage your home's roofing system. Storms do not discriminate about the type of roof or age of the roof – storm damages can happen to the best of them through some roofs hold up better than others. When they do you need a reliable roofing company who can handle your roofing problems quickly and effectively, this is where EDR Roofing excels most. Our Roofing Contractors in Stafford respond 24 hours a day and are by your side to offer you storm damage roof repairs so that the damages can be minimalized, and your roof can return to performing as it should. Some of the most common calls our emergency hotline receives during the year and damages resulting from:

       Hail: Hail is notorious for signing and denting asphalt roofs or cracking tiles depending on the size of the hailstone. If a hailstone is large enough ti can cause structural damages.  


       Hurricanes: While Stafford is 150 miles inland many roofs are still damaged due to hurricane high winds and torrential rains.


       High Winds: When wind gust is high enough older roofs are more prone to damages from flying debris to falling tree limbs that can blow off shingles, crack shingles and puncture your roofing system.  Over the last decade, new technology has created shingles that can withstand up to 140 mph winds.


       Thunderstorms: If you need roof repairs prior to a torrential thunderstorm you may experience roof leaks that can damage your ceiling, walls, and floor. This is one reason you should fix your roof right after discovering any damages.


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Very professional and friendly to work with. Timely, and not expensive. My roof had come to the end of its' useful life. I contacted them and they provided an estimate, followed up with a site visit and scheduled the repairs. All within a two week period. They came on the scheduled day, installed my new roof, cleaned up and eve trimmed a few trees that overhung the roof. I would definitely recommend them and call them again if I need additional work done.


New Help Filing A Roofing Claim?

EDR Roofing Company located near Stafford TX is happy to help our customers navigate the stressful process of filing a claim with their insurance provider. We will work with your adjuster to provide the necessary paperwork, photos, and documents to get your storm-damaged roof repairs covered. Leave the hard work to our trusted team!   

Why Our 24-Hour Roofing Companies in Stafford is Valuable.

Whether it’s dealing with water pouring through your ceiling, an exposed roof, or other problems that can lead to a fire hazard quick roof repairs is the key to your family and home's safety. Our goal is to ensure that roof damages remain isolated, and this is where our 24-hour response team is most valuable. At EDR Roofing we want to alleviate the overwhelming burden of a roof emergency by having a roofer on call who get to your home as quickly as possible.  Thanks to our extensive experience and rigorous training from leading shingle manufacturers we can repair your roof before further damages occur. We offer affordable rates and easy financing, so you won’t have to worry about breaking the bank to replace your missing shingles or fix your water leak.

Full-Service Roofing Company in Stafford

open 24 hours a day- seven days a week- 365 days a year


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Free Roof Inspection

We figure when your calling us its not been the best of the day but let us help alleviate some of the stress by providing a free roof quote and assistance if you need help filing a claim

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Quality Materials

Our roofing company in Stafford works with  Ownes Corning and CertainTEED to deliver a superior product for a long-term roof.  

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Excellent Communication

When you need us we are accessible around the clock to answer your questions and will keep you up to date on the progress we're making. We love our customers and this is just one of the ways we show it!

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