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Storm Damage Roof

Houston Roof Wind Damage Repair Pro

When your roof has wind, damages damage it’s important to repair it right away. Don’t wait until more damages occur- Get a FREE Roof Inspection

Many storms that hit Houston from tropical storms and hurricanes to hail storms and the occasional tornado bringing high winds that can impact your roofing system. When wind speeds reach above 45 miles per hour loose shingles and tiles can be removed or they can hit a tree overhead causing limbs and branches to fall on the roof denting or tearing your roofs surface. When winds speeds reach 58 miles per hour it can rip up shingles and uproot trees, 75 mile per hour wind gust will dump a mobile home over and cause wide spread damages to homes as well as commercial roofing systems.

Many of the roof repairs and roof replacements that occur in Houston after severe storms are on account of the high winds that come with them. In fact, storm damage is the most common type of damage done to residential and commercial properties because most homes are not built to withstand tornados, hurricanes, and strong winds.   

Common Roof Wind Damages to Houston Homes


Strong winds can really beat up your roof especially if your roofing system is older. Some of the damages that occur range from:


      Missing Granules: The rough sandpaper texture of your shingle keeps the underlaying area protected so it does not break or crack. The granules also help the shingle from exposure to sun and rain. Generally, when we inspect a wind storm damaged roof for repairs we will notice the granules missing from around your homes gutter system. 


     Curling or Peeling Shingles: When the strong winds grab ahold of the shingle, they may not be strong enough if the shingles are newer to rip them off the roof, but they can make them curl and if these roof repairs are not managed, they can lead to water damages from leaks.

     Missing Shingles: While the National Weather Service considers wind speeds under 45 mph “non- severe” if your shingles are not intact or older, they can go missing. If you notice shingles laying in the yard after a wind storm you want to make sure you call a professional to come assess the storm damage. Wind may not only damage the shingle, but they can damage shutters, soffit, and fascia boards. 

     Chimney Damage: If your chimney or chimney cap was damaged in a wind storm you need to repair the seal or missing portions of the lashing so that rainwater does not seep inside.

     Water Leaks: When water damages occur inside the residents this can leave your ceiling discolored ad make your paint chip or peel off. If you discover after a storm there are wet spots on the ceiling or walls before they cause more interior or structural damages, you want to have repairs made right away.  



Sheri Hollaway

Very professional and friendly to work with. Timely, and not expensive. My roof had come to the end of its' useful life. I contacted them and they provided an estimate, followed up with a site visit and scheduled the repairs. All within a two week period. They came on the scheduled day, installed my new roof, cleaned up and eve trimmed a few trees that overhung the roof. I would definitely recommend them and call them again if I need additional work done.


The most common storm damage to roof is from the impact of debris hitting the roof – Call EDR To Make Sure Your Roof Is In Tip-Top Shape! 

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The Best Roof to Install if Your Roof Needs To be Replaced After a Storm?

The best roof for your home depends on your budget and preferred level of storm protection. Below are some options of the roofs we install for Houston and Fort Bend County residents that can handle high wind speeds:

      Fiberglass Shingles: Instead of asphalt shingles you may want to consider fiberglass shingles that can handle up to 150 mph winds because they are durable and unlike to go missing in a severe storm. ALL SHINGLES ARE ONLY AS GOOD AS THE ROOFING CONTRACTOR WHO INSTALLS THEM!

      Clay Tiles: Another option for Houston homeowners is one you may not think of, clay tiles. When installed properly with installation to the roof decking using a foam adhesive, they remain secure because the foam prevents the tiles from becoming loose and getting blown away. In addition, clay tiles are rated to be energy efficient and water resistant plus they will boost your Harris County property value.


      Metal Roofs: Metal roofing is our preferred choice for commercial roofs though residents can use them as well. Metal roofs are designed to overlap the top of your house and have few seams making them almost water proof. Metal roofs are great for hurricane areas such as Galveston and Houston because they can withstand wind over 150 miles per hour.

 We can provide you with fiberglass, clay or a metal roof or any other roofing material you desire to install. Call Today-

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Houston # 1 Roof Wind Damage Repair and Replacements          EDR Roofing, LLC.

As Harris and Fort Bend County leading storm damage repair and replacement company, you can count on us to ensure your home is protected from water and other outside elements. Our team will provide you a free and accurate assessment you can trust. We have maintained a A+ Rating with the BBB with zero customer complaints after repairing and replacing thousands of roofs for customers in Katy, Richmond, Sugar Land, Cypress and Bryan -College Station. Our roofers are professional and polite, and we offer upfront pricing on all our services as well as insurance claim assistance.

Contact Elite Disaster Recovery, LLC, today at 832-791-9060 to discuss your roofing needs or for a free roof wind damage report anywhere in the greater Houston area.  

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Lifetime Limited Warranty

Our manufactures offer you a lifetime limited warranty on your roofing products in addition we offer workmanship to cover the labor of our roofing contractors and 100% satisfaction guarantee. Learn more by contacting us today

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Immediate Service 

EDR Recovery understands roof damage occur at all hours, this is why we have a 24 hour hotline to provide you with exceptional service and quality workmanship when other wind damage roofing companies are sleeping, were up to keep you safe.

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Industry Leaing Brands

Using the best roofing shingles from CertainTEED and GAF, we ensure yu have the best bang for your buck and a roof that last regardless of Houston weather 

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