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5 Tips For Metal Roofs From Our Katy Roofing Company


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Metal Roofing Styles

With the start of fall bringing cooler temperatures many homeowners in the Houston area focus on home improvement projects during this time of year. On your list of exterior projects, you should include roof maintenance and care. While metal roofs are known for being easier to maintain then say asphalt shingle roofing one of the reasons they last as long as they do is the protective coating, we will cover that in a moment, but the thing every homeowner need to remember is that if you want to protect your investment some upkeep is essential. Here are three benefits that we hope will inspire you to consider doing annual metal roof maintenance.

Benefits of Fall Metal Roof Maintenance


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ents Costly Repairs: Metal roofs can be scratched, dented, or lose their value if they are not maintained. This is why our Katy roofing company suggest that regardless of the age of your metal roof you have it inspected once a year, in fact we believe its so helpful that we provide it at no cost. During your roof inspection our Katy roofing company will address any issues from failed seams and flashing to scuffs and corrosion.

Prevents Roof Replacements: With proper upkeep so the roof remains in excellent condition a metal roof can last at least 40 years however if you allow dents to go unchecked or mold to build up without washing it off you can find the roof needing to be replaced and that’s an expense you only want to have to ensure once.

Boost Your Curb Appeal: With the advancement of the roofing industry a metal roof can be visually impressive. Metal roofs come in a variety of styles ad colors that can add appeal to almost any home but if the roof suffers from TLC, it can quickly spoil the look of your entire property.

Feeling inspired, we hope so! Metal roofs are an investment you want to take care of so our Katy roofing company has provided you a checklist to make sure that your roof stays in tip-top shape to look as good as they day it was installed.

Metal Roofing Checklist

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Protective Coating: One of the reasons metal roofs remain incredible durable is their protective coating. Without a protective coating to provide to provide your roof a watertight seal leaks and UV rays from our scorching sunshine can hinder your roofs lifespan. Once a year on a cool fall morning climb into your attic and make sure the sealant your is still working correctly. Most of the sealers our Katy roofing company applies last approximately 20 years but when roofs become damaged from the weather or fastener loosens this can shorten the lifespan of the coating and make your metal roof susceptible to water leaks.

Roof Washing: In our area roofs are prone to mold, mildew, and algae and need to be washed once a year to remove the grime that can east away at the surface. For more about removing mold from your roof read this helpful article.

Gutter Cleaning: During the fall most residents in Katy rely on a gutter cleaning company to remove all the leaves and debris that accumulates over the summer, this not only will help your home, but it will also protect your metal roof.

Trim Trees: Since metal roofs can become scratched and scuffed up you want to make sure no trees are touching your roofs, if there are any low hanging branches its best to enlist the help of a tree service professional to make sure that your roof stays in the best shape possible and your tress too.

Repair Panels: Some metal roofs such as standing seam metal roofs have panels that connect, these panels can become loose or separate causing a gap where water can seep inside. You also want to not only check the seams but the flashing seals to make sure your roof is secured from water leaks. Screws can also become loose, if you notice any screws are worn out ire loose you want to make sure to get them tightened up.

Looking For An Experienced Metal Roof Company in Katy?

As a Katy roofing company, we provide high quality installation, replacement roofs, roof repairs and maintenance for metal, asphalt shingles, cedar wood shank and clay tile. Our service is prompt, and our prices are fair. In addition to serving Katy, we also provide roofing services in Conroe, Baytown, Brookshire, Richmond a d throughout the greater Houston area. Let EDR Roofing of Katy help you keep your roof in tip-top shape winter, spring, summer, or fall! Give us a call at 832-791-9060


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