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Buying a Home in Cypress? Know what to look for in a roof!

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Roof Inspection in Cypress TX For Home Buyers

During the summer months, kids are out of schools and with the current buyers’ market many people are choosing to buy a home in Cypress TX. Cypress is a desirable town due to its close proximity to downtown Houston, depending on the traffic along I-10 it takes about 35 minutes to commute to work or enjoy all the city life Houston has to offer, however before deciding which house in Creek Lake or Canyon Lake or any other desirable community you want to make sure you methodically check out the roof of the home you are interested in buying. If you have previously purchased a home, then you know that this is likely the costliest investment you will ever make and consequently your roofing system is one of the most expensive components of the home so making sure its sturdy will save you the hassle and expense and might just help to narrow down your choices of which home is the best investment of your hard-earned dollars. While you will go through a home inspection with a certified inspector, they are not a cypress roofing company and in fact many inspectors will not climb onto the roof to check it in its entirety states Jeanette Garrison of Keller Williams Signature. “The purpose of a home inspectors will reveal features around the house that need to be fixed to the buyer but what if they ignore the warning and pass the problems along to you, the new buyer? This is a possibility; this is one reason as a realtor we suggest working with a certified roofing company” states Miss Garrison.

When you work with EDR Roofing of Cypress we will provide you with an accurate picture of your roofs health from the condition of the shingles to the underlayment of the roof and flashing to ensure if there are damages such as roof leaks, we find them right away. In addition to finding issues with your roof EDR Roofing also provides an upfront price of what the roof would take to repair so that if there are problems you have some bargaining power with the seller, can ask the seller to make the repairs or can eliminate the home from your list of potential prospects. Here is a sampling of some if the things we suggest you look for in a roof before purchasing a home.

Ask Your Realtor The Age of The Roof & Material Used

When you go out with your realtor there are a few signs you can look for before consulting with a roofing company in Cypress. If possible, you want to ask your realtor to find out the age of the roof. Most roofs in the greater Houston area are constructed of asphalt shingles, depending on the manufacture of the shingle these roofs can have a lifecycle of 20 years before needing a roof replacement so long as over the years they are properly maintained. However other roofing shingles don’t have the sturdiness that CertainTeed or Owens Corning come with. There are also other roofing materials that can last much longer such as metal roofs. Knowing the type of product and the age of the roof can really help guide you along the home buying process.

Look For Signs of a Mold on the Roof

When you are out house hunting make sure to walk the perimeter of the house and look up at the roof for any signs of green or black streak. These streaks are a sign pf mold which do not just appear unsightly, but these black and green streaks are harmful to your roofing system. Mold can shorten the lifespan of your shingles as it eats away at the granules that protect the roof from UV rays and can make them susceptible to damages such curling or buckling. When roofing shingles are damaged, they are more prone to get lost or broken when the next storm rolls through Cypress and considering our weather…, well let’s just say you want the most protection you can have. One type of roof that is becoming popular in the greater Houston area is metal roofs because for one reason metal roofs are resistant to mold and mildew. Standing seam metal roofs have a zinc anti-fungal in the binding that detours mold and mildew. However metal roofs come with a much steeper price tag than a shingle roof so if you find a home in Cypress with a metal roof you can guarantee this will drive up the price quiet a bit.

Check the Roofs Ventilation System

You may find the idea home with a shiny new roof in Cypress but if the roof is not ventilated correctly problems are around the bend. If your new to the area, then you want to know that the summer months are long and sultry! During the short winters, the temperatures barely drop below 31 degrees which means the attic stays HOT making proper ventilation a crucial part of your roofing system. The job of your roof or attic ventilation is to circulate air so the attic does not over heat and create moisture, when moisture occurs mold is right behind it. There are two ways for air to flow one is naturally and the other is mechanically and since most days its hot the air struggles to move about naturally meaning you must rely on your ventilation system to do its job. One way to tell is to look at the eaves of the roof, if you do not see any attic vents then you may want to inquire about the ventilation system or speak to a Cypress roofing company about the cost of adding one. On average the cost for adding a roof vent is less than $1000.00 but will drastically save your AC and prevent larger more costly home repairs.

Investigate Drainage Pipes

One of the reasons you always want to make sure you work with a roofing company is to ensure they climb onto the roof to investigate the drainage pipes that run along the roof. When a roof is installed on a house it receives a water seal around the vent pipes to prevent water leaks during Cypress rainy season, If the vent pipe boot were to split then your home can suffer water damages. While the Cypress roofing company is checking out the drainage pipes, they will also check your gutter system, one of the reasons is because when granules go missing, they often end up in your downspouts, gutters, and pipes. These granules may be small in size but without them big problems can arise.

Check the Gutters Downspouts. Chances are your Cypress roofing contractor will also do a quick look over the downspouts and gutters to make sure that water can freely flow. When your gutters or downspouts are clogged up there is no where to divert the water and of water is left standing in the gutters it can impact you roof as well as create a breeding ground for mosquitos, which is something no homeowner wants to endure during the summer time.

Check the Rooftop Downspouts

Do a speedy check to ensure all rooftop downpipes are releasing into storm water wells and not right onto the ground. You should search for any possibilities of past flooding or excessive water flowing around the rooftop downspouts because this can mean that the soak wells are not the appropriate sizes or require a cleaning process, which can be very expensive.

It is important to be careful when buying a house. You should ideally hire a professional to inspect the home and give you a report. In addition to this, repairs should be completed before you move to your new house to avoid.

Check For Leak Prone Areas

One of the biggest repairs issues with roofs is leaks, especially in our area where we ensure many severe rainstorms throughout the year due to our close proximity to Galveston and the Gulf of Mexico. When a roof leaks not only do you have roof issues, but you have interior issues as they can destroy your furniture and other household items. The more prone area for a roof to leak is in the valley, vents, and chimney but it takes a skilled roofing contractor to locate. Whomever you choose you will want to make sure they also check the creases to pinpoint and repair the roof leak.

A Roofing Company in Cypress TX You Can Trust!

We understand that your roof is a big-ticket item, and you want to make sure the home your purchasing in Cypress is not going to put a drain on your finances. While a home inspector may seem like enough this is seldom the case, and a roof is not something you want to risk. While roof repairs may be reasonable if you have larger issues that require a roof replacement this can become a real hassle. AT EDR Roofing, we offer free roof inspections and our team is skilled and knowledgeable to provide you the right information prior to purchasing your new home. There is no step to high for our guys to safely scale plus if you do decide to purchase the home and it needs roof repairs in the future you will know whom you can trust. EDR Roofing offers inspections, repairs, and replacement roof and is open round the clock to make sure you and your household is safe. Give us a call today to schedule your hassle- free roof inspection in Cypress TX.

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