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Getting A New Roof? Tips From Our Katy Roofing Company To Avoid Being Disappointed!

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If you are a homeowner who was recently informed you need to replace your roof this can come as a shock especially if you have not budget for such a major expense. One of the first things we share with people is if you know your roof is nearing the end of its lifecycle then you want to plan twelve to eighteen months in advance so you can cut back expense and store away money. Lets look at ho w long you can expect a new roof to last.

How Long A Residential Roof Last

This sounds like a simple question, but this varies depending which Katy roofing company you had install the roof, the type and quality of materials they used, and if you had roof repairs and maintenance done along the way and our weather. Here is a sample of what you can expect based as a guideline:

· Standing Seam Metal Roof: 30-50 years

· Tile Roof: upwards of 50 years

· Wood Shank: average 30 Years

Again, this is just a baseline, you need to make sure the Katy roofer you choose installs a quality product and installs it correctly, read here to learn how to know if the roofing company you hired in Katy did a good job. Once your roof has reached the end of its lifespan or needs to be replaced due to a recent storm there are several things you need to consider – lets look at what your purchasing criteria should look like.

Set Reasonable Expectations

The best way to decide on a roof is to know what you want and need from a new roof; you cannot expect from an asphalt roof what you would expect from a standing seam roof. Do your research early in the process instead of waiting until there is an emergency so that you get precisely what you want because your roof is going to last at least a few decades. List out benefits and features you want to have such as energy efficiency, reduces noise, color, and style. Consider purchasing a new roof the same way you would purchasing a new car for the family. Most people don’t just drive to any dealership to shop, they choose the type of car they want then choose a dealership that carries that brand of car. Once you know what type of roof meets your purchasing criteria then you can call a Katy roofing company that specializes in installing that type of roof. Consider the following as you write out your list of priorities:

Design Aesthetics:

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A new roof should be durable and safe however our Katy roofing company also believes you do not have to compromise either and can still have a beautiful roof as well. There are hundreds of colors, styles, and textures to chose from. Ask your roofer to provide you with samples but don’t just look at them up close see them from a distance because all those details will look different from the ground. When choosing a color consider the color of your exterior bricks and trim and choose a color that compliments them. If you have a ranch style home, you may want to go with a cedar shank roof or an asphalt shingle that mimics the look. If you have more of a colonial style home, then you want to steer clear of cedar shank and choose a more period appropriate shingle like a slate tile. You also want to factor in your budget while you may want a clay tile roof you can choose an asphalt shingle that gives you a similar look for a fraction of the price, so as you look at photos don’t mark it off just improvise. One of the advantages of working with EDR a roofing company in Katy is we offer plenty of options for you to select from and will work to ensure you have a roof you enjoy looking at.

Life Cycle : One of the reasons most homeowners in our area choose asphalt shingle or compost roof is they come with a lower price – at least upfront but if you plan on remaining in your home or want to make sure you have the highest resale value then considering a standing seam metal roof or a tile roof may be the better option. Standing seam metal roofs are a great long-term investment and they last double even triple the amount of time and are far less susceptible to weathering.

Energy Efficient : With Katy hot and humid temperatures one of the keys to being happy with the roof you choose is keeping your cooling cost as low as possible. One of the factors outside of the type of material you choose is going with a lighter color, but a lighter color will still be over performed by a darker energy star roof every day of the week. Choose an energy star labeled roof if you are having a new asphalt shingle roof. Another key to an energy efficient roof is ventilation. In Katy your attic without the right ventilation can reach 150 degrees during the summer which means your AC has to work overtime. Make sure whatever roof you have you work with your Katy roofing company to have the right vent installed as well.

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Weather: The last thing you want to facture into your purchasing criteria is weather. Remember buying a new roof is like buying a car, you would want to read the crash star rating. If you are looking for a roof that can handle hurricane winds and is fire resistant, then a standing seam metal roof or high impact asphalt shingles. The roofing industry has advanced the traditional shingles and engineered a shingle that can withstand great winds and impacts such as hail or debris that hits the roof during a storm.

The bottom line is you don’t want to rush your buying decision and end up choosing a roof you will later regret. Consider different options, styles, and features and do a little research on each type of roof. YouTube and Google are filled with information that can help guide you to choosing the right roof.

Looking For A Katy Roofing Company

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If you are in the market for a new roof and want a company that offer the best options at affordable prices, then call EDR Roofing. Our team is 5 stars rated and has undergone extensive training to become Master Shingle Specialist. We understand how important a quality roof is and will work with you to ensure your roof is long lasting, functional, and beautiful. Call today to schedule your free roof inspection or speak with one of our helpful staff members who can answer your questions.

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