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How To Budget For A New Roof in Missouri City

If you have ever had to replace a roof you know this can be one of the largest expenses a homeowner ever has to endure however there are some things you can do to plan for this once-in-a-lifetime event. Depending on the type of roofing material you choose a roof can last a decade to 100 years. Let us look at how long a roof replacement should last according to the material you choose and how much each roofing material costs so you can budget for your new roof.

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How Much A New Roof Cost in Missouri City

Asphalt Roof: If you are a budget shopper and want value over longevity then asphalt shingle roofs are still the most affordable option for homebuyers. You should expect your roof to last 15 years. If you have a 1500 square foot home in Fort Bend you need to budget $5500.00 though you can expect to pay a little over or under this price depending on who the manufacturer of the shingle is. If you choose to go this route you really want to make sure you get the best bang for your buck by choosing a Missouri City roofing contractor who installs CertainTeed or Owners Corning. While a big-box store might be great for a lot of your home improvements such as lumber for your fence or deck this isn’t true when it comes to shingles that must withstand Fort Bend County's constant weathering of heat and rain.

Cedar Shank Cost: These roofs when installed correctly and upkeep are not only beautiful but last for three to five decades. In the Missouri City roofing market, you can anticipate spending $4.00 to $10.00 per sq ft for a cedar shank roof

Metal Roof Cost: There are a variety of metals you can choose for a metal roof but on average this roof replacement will bring you 40 to 70 years of enjoyment. The downside is a metal roof comes with a higher price tag so when budgeting you need to expect to pay $7000 - $23,000 if the roof on a home is 1500 square feet.

Clay Tile Roof Cost: The most durable of materials and consequently the longest lifespan of all materials is clay tile roofs. This roof will last 100 years, double the length of a concrete tile roof which is why these roofs increase the property value of your Missouri City home and for the reason you need to expect to budget $9 to $20 per square foot.

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Three Tips To Keep In Mind When You Need A New Roof

Once you choose the right material for your home you want to make sure the cost listed above does not spiral out of control so here are a few helpful tips from EDR Roofing a Missouri City roofing contractor who can help guide you through the price wars.

Tip #1 Patient in Planning

Most roofs that need to be replaced occur because of either wear ad tear that occurs with time or weather-related incidents. When emergencies occur, it can be overwhelming as many roofing contractors will arrive in Missouri City, this is what roofing companies call storm chasers. Often, they knock on your door or leave fliers and they all seem legitimate because very few homeowners know what warning signs to look for, and with a roof leak or exposing your household you may jump at the first company without thinking. Practicing Patience is key to getting the right roof at the right price for your home.

Do not pay for a roofing quote: Most roofers will offer free roof inspections in an attempt to earn your business, and this can save you several hundred dollars as opposed to trusting a home inspector.

Find a Roofing Company Near You: A local company is often more affordable and more trustworthy. You know where to find them should anything go wrong; you can drive by and check out their work and you should be able to find 3 companies in the greater Houston area who can arrive that day to give you a quote simply google “roofing companies near me” read their review on Google, BBB, and on their website then call and set an appointment. Local companies like EDR Roofing offer tarping services in case of emergencies and can protect your home until the storm blows over and your roof can be repaired. Take your time and never rush the process, those who neglect to get a contract always pay more in the end.

Tip #2 Prepare for the Unexpected

With the frequent storms that come through Missouri City one of the best ways to prepare for the unexpected storm damage roof repairs or replacements such as a tree that lands on your roof causing water damage to your home or the winds that whips up those shingles tossing them onto the ground is to save for a rainy day. While most roofs are covered under insurance there is always the insurance company that drags their feet or rejects your claim, this is why you want a Missouri City roofing company that offers to help manage your claim. This should be a free service or keep looking for a company that will do the heavy lifting to earn your business.

If your roof is reaching the end of its lifecycle start saving. Many experts suggest saving 1% of the value of your home for home improvements so if you have a $200,000 home in Missouri City that is $2000 each month or $24,000 a year since most homeowners do not have a rainy-day roofing fund set aside it may be best to find a Missouri Roofing company with low-interest rates or forgo that family vacation because a roof that needs replacing can lead to even more costly home repairs the next downpour.

Tip #3 Stick To Your Roofing Budget

When it comes time to replace the roof on your Missouri City home, stick to the budget. There can be many upgrades from style to color choices that drive that makes you want to break the bank, but those upgrades can also delay progress. While the aesthetic appeal is important adhering to your budget is always the best policy.

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Follow these three simple rules and you will find replacing your roof is less of a headache. Always ask questions to avoid miscommunication and if you want a successful roof that will not cost you a fortune call EDR Roofing who has successfully replaced and repaired over 1,000 roofs in Missouri City, Katy, Cypress, and the greater Houston area. We offer same-day service around the clock and will price match any competitor's quote using the same materials. Give us a call at 832-791-9060 or complete our quick contact form online and a Missouri City roofing staff member will contact you within 48 hours.

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