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Questions To Ask A Missouri City Roofing Contractor

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No two roofing companies are identical so before you make another call to a Missouri City roofing contractors make sure you are armed and ready with this list of questions that will make sure you find and hire the right team for the job but first thing. Before you schedule a roof, inspection and interview a local roofing company you need to know what your roofing needs are.

Do You Need To Repair Or Replace Your Roof?

One of the first thing you need to determine is can your roof be repaired or do you need a new roof to replace your existing roof. While you may rely on the Missouri roofing contractor to make this call for you, that may not be a wise idea. Each year the Better Business Bureau receives hundreds if not thousands of complaints from homeowners who have been ripped off by a local roofing company this is because unlike plumbing and HVAC the roofing industry is largely unregulated. Before hiring any Missouri City roofing contractor, you want to do a little homework:

  • What does their reviews say about their roofing company?

  • Do they have any complaints filed against them with the BBB?

  • Do they have a list of customers whom you can contract?

  • Do they have a place of business, a building that you can visit?

  • Are they certified installers with some of the leading manufactures?

  • Are they insured?

  • Do they use subcontractors?

Once you know more about their companies local reputation only then do you want to pick a few who will come out to provide you an inspection and then compare. Did they all tell you the same thing or is two companies telling you the roof can be repaired while the third company is telling you, a roof replacement is a must. Do not be deceived by a Missouri City roofing contractor. While this list of questions is not 100% fool proof the more questions you ask the more equipped you are to make the best educated guess about which Missouri City roofing contractor you should hire.

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Questions To Ask A Missouri City Roofing Company

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When you call the roofing company most will schedule a free roof inspection, during the inspection not only will they check the roof, but this will be the time you become better acquainted. If a Missouri City roofing contractor is worth their weight in gold, they will take the time to answer your questions and if they don’t know will contact someone on staff who can answer your question. One of the things EDR Roofing does is their owners who are certified Master Shingle Installers are always on site or a phone call away to make sure their customers receive top notch customer service. “Never hesitate to ask as many questions as you can to feel comfortable, having a new roof installed or a roof replacement is not cheap, safeguard your hard-earned money” says Tom Moncrief, co-owner of EDR.

Here is a list of suggested questions

1. What is the age of your roof?

If you acquired a roof with the purchase of a home, chances are you likely won’t know how old the roof is but on average an asphalt shingle roof will last 20 years while a metal roof will last 40 years. If your home was built in the 2000 with a metal roof and they are telling you its time to have it replaced you may want to procced with caution, on the other hand if it has an asphalt roof chances are it has expired.

2. What type of products do they use?

While home improvement retailers offer some great products for areas of your home like fences this is not where you want to have your shingles purchased. You want commercial grade shingles for several reasons, one is that most commercial roof shingles come with a generous warranty that will safeguard your investment. Secondly one of the best telltale signs of a quality Missouri City roofing contractor is they have taken the time to become certified. They must pass rigorous testing in order to carry commercial grade shingles such as CertainTeed and Owens Corning.

3. Do they work with insurance companies?

If your storm was damaged during a recent storm, navigating a roof insurance claim on your own can be a real headache as this is something most homeowners have never done. If the claim is denied you could fork over thousands of dollars, but a quality Missouri City roofing contractor will have attorneys who can handle the dispute process on your behalf should it ever come to that saving you time and thousands of dollars.

4. How long will it take to complete the project?

Most people take their roof for granted because out of sight means out of mind however when roofs spring a leak and start causing water damages inside your home you don’t want to have a headache on your hand so find out do, they offer free tarping services? What are their hours of operation? and how long will it take to have your roof replaced? If you are dealing with a emergency situation our Missouri City roofing contractors are on call seven days a week 24 hours a day and can have your roof replaced or repaired within a day.

Seven More Questions To Ask Your Missouri City Roofing Contractor

  • Do you have insurance?

  • Do you use sub-contractors?

  • How is my roofing ventilation?

  • Will you remove the old shingles or add new ones on top?

  • Do you install drip edges?

  • Do you need to remove my gutters?

  • How do you protect my property?

Remember any roofing contractor who is not happy to answer these questions may not be someone who you should work with and if you are looking for a Missouri City roofing contractor or a Missouri City Roofing company give Elite Disaster Recover (EDR) a call, we can solve all your roofing needs promptly and affordably.

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