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Replace your roof? Repair it? Wait a year? Tips To Help Houston Homeowners decide.

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Call Houston Best Roof Repair Company- EDR Roofing

July was a rainy month around Houston which was bad news for many homeowners because it may have exposed a problem, roof damage. Often many homeowners are unsure if they should repair or replace their roof but what you do not want to do if you discover roof damages is wait! Repairing your asphalt shingle, metal roof, or clay tile roof can be a minor inconvenience but procrastinating can lead to more costly and extensive home issues. When you wait you can have damages to the layers underneath the shingle ruining sheetrock or worse the next rainfall your roof may not protect your household as rainwater leaks you’re your home causing damages to your attic space, ceiling, and beyond. The biggest reason not to wait is insurance. Carriers often do not cover the damages when you wait too long so if you discovered damages contact a Houston roof repair company for a free roof inspection.

Can I just have my Houston roof repaired?

The short answer to rather or not your roof can be repaired or needs to be replaced depends on the extent of the damages and the age of your roof. In most cases roof repairs just makes total dollars and cents The best way to ensure your roof last as long as possible is to walk the perimeter of your home after a major storm to look for roof repairs and if you notice your roof has been damaged or you have asphalt shingles that are broken, hanging, or they have been blown off by high winds then you want to contact a Houston roof repair company instead of trying to climb onto the roof yourself. First most roofs are covered by warranty, and you want to make sure the damage is only onto the top layer of the roof. The second reason to contact a Houston roof repair company is working on a roof or climbing a ladder can be dangerous. If you do heed the warning, please make sure to use proper ladder safety and match the shingles with the same brand the roofer used. One instance where you may need to replace the roof instead of repairing it is if the damage is deeper into the layers. When the damage is more than just to the shingles or tile layer its often safer and in the long run more cost effective to replace the roof. If there is a larger section, you can opt to patch the degraded section

Patching Up a Roof

Often patches are used to delay needing a new roof but most reputable roof repair companies in Houston refuse to offer them because often all that is needed is to replace the asphalt shingles to have a functional and structurally sound roof and patches do not always work. The best solution is to call a roof repair company near you to provide a free drone roof inspection or to walk on the roof to determine if a patch will extend your roof lifespan without causing further damage.

Is it time to replace your Houston roof?

If you are unsure one of the first places you want to check is surprisingly not your roof but your attic. You want to go into your attic and look for sunlight coming through or water stains and streaks, a sign that your roof is leaking. Now not every leaky roof requires a roof replacement may can be repaired if the damage is isolated. Another warning sign is if your roof is sagging or drooping, Inspect the surface for dampness, wood rot, and weak spots at the lowest point of your roof. If you hired a reputable Houston roofing company and your roof is less than a decade old then your roof may only need to be repaired but keep in mind nothing last forever so if your asphalt roof is about to be over the 20 year hill or is needing frequent repairs then it maybe more cost effective and safe to replace your roof with ether a new asphalt, metal, or tile roof.

Five Tips To Find A Roof Repair Company in Houston

1. Check Google for a roof repair company near you, read their reviews and call them for a free roof inspection.

2. Ask your neighbors, if you noticed a neighbor or someone in your community is having a roof repaired ask for a referral.

3. Contact a roofing company on a third part service like Angie’s List or Home Advisor.

Once you call a Houston roofing company you want to verify, they are insured and can handle both repairs or roof replacements. Make sure the company has been in business 7 to 10 years so that if you need their services again you can rely on them to still be in business. You also want to know what type of shingles they use and if the roof comes with a warranty.

Cost Between a Roof Repair vs a Roof Replacement

There is no way to sugar coat it repairing your roof is 50X less expensive then having to have a roof replaced which is why you do not want to wait. The cost of having a new roof installed can be tens of thousands of dollars depending on various factors from the type of material you choose to the slope of your room and size of your home to the roofing company you hire. One of the best things you can do is to collect three bids from local companies but make sure you’re not comparing apples to oranges and that the company is offering the same quality of materials by requesting an itemized sheet or as we call it in the roofing industry a “scope sheet” and avoid companies that are trying to just lay new shingles over the old shingles and that they use a premier brand like Owens Corning or CertainTeed. Not only will the shingles come with a limited lifetime warranty but to be granted access to install these shingles this also means the Houston roofing contractor has been put through classes and has in depth knowledge and experience.

Ready to Hire a Houston Roof Repair or Replacement Company?

To ensure your roof is repaired correctly to avoid having to replace your roof too soon you need to hire a Houston certified roof repair company. The team at EDR Roofing has been offering roof repairs and roof replacement for over 10 years and will make sure you receive the right roof at the right price that will boost your curb appeal, increase your property value, and keep your safe from Houston stormy weather. Contact us today to start the process.

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