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Roof Maintenance Checklist For The Fall

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Six Tips For Fall Roof Maintenance

Its hard to believe fall has arrived with the temperatures still in the 90s but fall is here and so is your Katy local roofing company to remind you that this is the season to do all those maintenance task that will keep putting off. Every roof from asphalt shingles to standing seam metal roofs requires some upkeep if you want to protect your home and investment while ensuring your roof stays in tip -top shape. A roof that is properly maintained is less prone to needing roof repairs or a roof replacement. If you have every had to replace a roof out of pocket, then you understand than you don’t want to replace your roof any sooner than is absolutely necessary so we hope this small checklist will help.

Trim or Prune Your Trees

The saying proves true that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure so reduce those diseased and dead branches that are more prone to cause impact damages to your roof by hiring a tree service in Katy TX. You also want to make sure they also prune or remove any low hanging smaller branches, so they are less likely to scratch your shingles or rub off the shingles protected granules.

Gutter Cleaning

Many Katy homeowners may not realize that gutters are a part f your roofing system as they divert rainwater from the roof to the designated area of the ground. When water puddles on the roof because of gutters that are not properly working it leads to leaks and other damages such as mold and cracked shingles. If you notice your roof has water 2 days after the last rainstorm it may be wise to call a Katy roofing company to come inspect your roof or ask the person who cleans your gutters in the fall to make sure there aren’t issues that you can’t see from the ground.

Get a Fall Roofing Inspection

After rainy season is the best time to call for a free roof inspection so that any issues can be fixed sooner rather than later. Make sure they inspect not only the shingles but also the roof flashing and underlayment. Over the years one of the biggest contributing factors to water damages inside the home are pin sized holes that grow and can cause corrosion that led to larger and more expensive roof repairs.

Check Your Attic

Once the temperatures are a little more comfortable to go into the attic climb the ladder and have a look around to make sure the vents are uncovered, and air is able to circulate. If you notice plants or mold growing, you need to call for backup. Also check to make sure you’re not housing any varmints inside your attic that can chew up the roofing materials like squirrels, birds, and rats.

Maxine Metal Roofs For Impact Damages

If you’re a homeowner with a metal roof or standing seam metal roof don’t think damages will always escape you, while a metal roof is less susceptible it can still be hit by trees and flying debris in severe weather. If the tropical storm can knock over a fence it can drop limbs onto the metal roof and cause damages that will allow water to seep through.

Repair Broken or Damaged Shingles

If you are a homeowner in Katy have your roof company repair things now don’t wait until the issue becomes larger and gets out of hand. Most homeowners have an asphalt roof because they are less costly than a metal roof, but a n asphalt roof is more pone to missing, broken, and loose shingles and if they are left unrepaired, you’re compromising the structural integrity of your roof so repair it now and rest easier.

Need A Katy Roofing Company For Your Fall Roof Inspection?

Are you looking for a roofing company near you to provide a free roof inspection or have you had another roofer tell you need roof repairs? If so, contact Elite Disaster Recovery -EDR to schedule a same day or next day fall roof inspection or provide you a quote for your roof repairs. We serve not only Katy but also Humble, Conroe, Pearland and across Fort Bend and Harris County. We will get you taken care of and our Humble roofers are fair, fast, and affordable.

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