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What Roof is Best For Your Katy Home ?

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Metal Vs Asphalt- Which is Better For Your Katy Home?

When comparing roofs two of the most popular choices for homeowners in Harris and Fort Bend County are asphalt shingle and metal roofs. Our Katy Roofing Company will share a few things you should consider when choosing the right material for your home but to be honest that’s like comparing an apple to an oranges because while both are roofs the comparison stops there and is left up to personal preference., because your roof is a long-term investment you want to consider appearance, cost and longevity to decide which roof is the right choice for your home and if you are looking for a roofing company in Katy, give EDR Roofing a call for a fast free quote and friendly, reliable service.

The Difference Between Asphalt and Metal Roofs?

Cost: If you are in the market looking for a roof that’s less money upfront because your insurance is not covering any of the cost then the most valuable roof is going to be asphalt shingle. However, what you want to keep in mind is that this material is more susceptible to damages and consequently roof repairs so often the cost will balance out in the end.

Lifespan: Metal roofs are going to cost more but they will last longer and weather our storms much better than asphalt shingles. Metal roofs can handle our tropical storm wind gust of up to 180 miles per hour according to the Metal Roof Alliance (MRA)

On average an asphalt shingle roof will last 20 years if you use a 3 tab or for dimensional shingles up to 28 years where a metal roof depending on the type of materials you use (aluminum, copper, corrugated…etc.) can last 40 to 70 years. A lot of this depends on the Katy roofing company you choose to hire and their knowledge and experience installing metal roofs.

Energy Efficiency: One of the biggest benefits of a metal roof is they reflect thermal heat to save money on your electricity cost where asphalt shingle roofs while great for colder weather climates do poorly in Katy TX because of their heat absorption. if you use a quality metal roof you can slash as much as 40% off your electricity while saving your air-condition, another high ticket home repair.

Visual appearance: Both of these roofs are beautiful in their own way and can work on almost any style of home. If you want the look of asphalt shingles but the benefits of a metal roof that’s not an issue you can have your cake and eat It too because metal roofs can be designed to mimic asphalt shingles or even cedar wood shank and clay tile.

While both asphalt and metal roofs are great options it always comes down to personal preference. If you want a long-term investment, then we suggest having your Katy roofing company install a metal roof but if price is your biggest concern, then asphalt shingle.

Katy Leading Roofing Company

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Katy Leading Roofing Company

Elite Disaster Recovery is providing the Katy and greater Houston area superior roofing solutions. We have a A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau and offer same day and next day free roof inspections during which we are happy to discuss the options we offer including metal roofing and asphalt shingles. In addition to serving the Katy area we also offer roof replacement, installation, and roof repairs in Humble, Houston. Deer Park, Cypress, Channelview, and Baytown. Contact us today through our online contact form or call 832-791-9060

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