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Will a Roof Replacement Reduce Your Houston Home Insurance?

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Houston Roofing Company Offering Roof Replacements & Repairs

A roofing system is your biggest defense to protect your home. Each layer of the shingles contributes to the whole system from the attic trusses and joints in the decking to the underlayment that prevents wind-driven rain from seeping into the attic. On top of the underlayment is a layer of protection either asphalt shingles, metal, or clay tile that makes your roof vitally important to protecting your home. And that is exactly why insurance carriers pay specific attention to the type of roofing materials your roof is composed of and your roofs condition to determine how much you should pay for your homeowners insurance. When a roof is not in good shape or has reached the end of your lifecycle having a roof replacement in Houston TX will decrease your rates. However, the type of rate depends on the material you select.

Asphalt Shingles

If its time to replace your roof and you are looking for a roof that won’t break the bank its worthwhile to consider an asphalt shingle roof. This material is versatile, weather resistant, and visually appealing. However, you will not experience the same drop in your insurance rates as you would with a metal roof due to the fact, they are more prone to storm damages and require more repairs.

Standing Seam: Metal Roofs in Houston TX is an idea roof because it offers many benefits such as durability and longevity. With a standing seam metal roof you can expect a 40 to 70 years lifecycle but there are other types of metal roofs to choose from that will not only will you save money on roof repairs as they can handle impact damages but also the cost savings on your electric bill. When your roof absorbs less heat, your AC does not have to strain to work as hard. Metal roofs in Houston TX cost more upfront than asphalt roofing but over time the financial scales are balanced out, another one of those ways is that metal roofs in Houston TX come with a lower rate from your instance. If you decide to replace your roof with metal, you want to make sure to tell your carrier as they generally will not inquire.

Concrete & Clay Tile Roof: This roofing material provided Houston homeowners with a roof that is durable and visually appealing. Clay tile roofs in Houston can withstand our heat as they will resist UV rays from the sun and require very little maintenance, while lasting for a century. Some of the popular roofing materials for clay tile roofs is terra cotta, slate, fired clay and concrete/ Both clay and concrete tiled roofs raise the property value but unfortunately can also increase your insurance premiums.

Looking For A Roofing Company in Houston or Humble?

Elite Disaster Recover (EDR) offers first class roof replacement services and roof repairs in Houston, Humble, Conroe, and Missouri City. We install metal roofs, asphalt shingle, wood cedar shank and clay tile roofs. Our company is locally owned and certified as Master Shingle Specialist with CertainTeed. Contact us at 832-791-9060 to learn more or contact us online schedule a time for a free roof inspections

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